Learn More about the Top Business Credit Cards for Travel Miles in 2018

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Frequent flyer miles seem to be a great attraction and everyone loves them. If you learn to use them in the right manner, you would end up saving a huge amount of money every time you are traveling. Airlines miles or travel points are actually an integral part of an awesome loyalty program that is actually offered by the airlines and even the credit cards. Typically, you need to start accumulating a fixed number of miles depending on how much distance you are flying or how much money is spent using your credit card. You could, later on, consider using all these miles for buying tickets.

Identifying the top credit cards meant for travel miles could help you in saving an impressive amount of money and earning travel miles. Determining and finally choosing the top credit cards that are best for your requirements, could prove to be an extremely lucrative affair particularly with bonuses that are more than $600 such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred would be having.   If you are actually a frequent traveler, you may think about including any one of the best business credit cards meant for travel rewards. You could still earn some valuable travel rewards that could be transferred to directly the airline’s miles using the top rewards credit card.


Best Business Credit Cards for Miles

Whether you wish to earn miles and points while you are traveling to meet your clients, or if you are looking for a fantastic sign-up bonus, or simply if you wish to keep your personal and business expenses separate, your lifeline would be nothing but an amazing business credit card that offers travel rewards. Not only do the business credit cards help you in accumulating travel rewards that you could redeem for free travel, also, these business credit cards come with certain perks that would be making hotels and flights far more acceptable such as concierge service, lounge access, and more. Here are some of the best business credit cards meant for travel rewards.


Best Business Credit Cards for Miles In a Nutshell

  • If you are looking for accessing a generous signing bonus, you may opt for the amazing Chase Ink Business Preferred in order to gain 80,000 bonus points if you end up spending $5,000 during a period of first three months post inaugurating your account.
  • Capital One® Spark® Miles for Business is supposed to be a brilliant option for business people who wish to have an easy access to the flat-rate travel rewards against their business spending.
  • You may opt for American Express OPEN’s Business Platinum Card. Thanks to this wonderful business credit card; you could automatically gain free access to some of the most luxurious travel lounges worldwide.
  • Finally, if you are thinking of accessing airline-oriented rewards, then you may opt for CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World MasterCard®.  This could be a brilliant choice as it offers substantial sustained rewards, considerable welcome bonus, and also, additional perks meant precisely for the American Airlines travel. This credit card would be offering an assortment of positives specifically for the frequent fliers on the American Airlines. Opt for any one of these business credit cards for earning impressive miles for business.


Chase Ink Business Preferred for Superlative Sign-Up Bonus

Chase Ink Business Preferred is highly-acclaimed and acknowledged as the best business card offering the most attractive sign-up bonus. It offers 80,000 Ultimate Rewards if you have spent $5000 during the initial three months after taking the business card. The Ultimate Rewards Points would be valued at 1.25 cents each if you are redeeming for travel booked via Chase’s Orbitz-fueled online portal. Ink Business Preferred would be offering you the opportunity to transfer all your travel or reward points 1:1 to Chase’s hotel and airlines partners and that should be including Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, Southwest, and Virgin Atlantic.

You also could enjoy this business card’s ongoing value. Along with the awesome one-time signup bonus, now you could be earning three points for every $1 on the initial $150,000 annual spending on:

  • Advertising purchases that are made on social media channels and the search engines.
  • Shipping purchases.
  • Phone, Cable, and Internet services.
  • Travel, including hotels, airfare, train tickets, rental cars, and taxis.

Even though the card’s annual fees seem high at $95, you have to appreciate that there are no employee card or foreign transaction fees. Moreover, the bonus would be worth a minimum of $1000 when you decide to redeem for travel.


Capital One® Spark® Miles for Business: Top Flat-Rate Travel Rewards Business Card

We have already seen that the Ink Business Preferred’s ultimate signup bonus could truly be quite lucrative provided you do not have any issues putting in the work while redeeming. In case, you are just not interested in dealing with bonus caps, point transfers, or the ever-fluctuating reward rates, you must then opt for the amazing Capital One® Spark® Miles for Business. It would be helping you in earning flat two no hassle miles for every one dollar you spend- no caps, no bonus categories, and definitely, no surprises. The business card’s annual fee of $95 would be waived the very first year. However, the great news is that it offers an attractive 50,000-mile signup bonus provided you end up spending $4500 during the initial three months. You could redeem your travel points for all travel expenses including airfare, taxis, train travel, and hotels etc. The card also does not charge any employee card fees or any foreign transaction fees.


Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPEN for Best Travel Perks

The popular Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPEN offers a host of alluring benefits. You would be getting a credit toward Global Entry or TSA Pre-Check, free Boingo and Gogo Internet, entry to airport lounge of American Express that includes International American Express, Centurion, Priority Pass Select, and Delta Sky Club and more.



What are you waiting for? Choose any one of these impressive business credit cards for earning more travel miles. Apply for the best credit card that caters to your unique requirements, and start earning travel reward points. You could make the maximum use of the airlines’ miles. You could consider scoring incredible bonuses.


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