Leading Credit Card Debt Consolidation Options for 2018

By: MThomas

There are over 1,095 million credit cards in the USA. There is (somewhat) unlimited purchasing power in these simple plastic cards. As a result, the people of the United States have set a new record for credit card debt in 2017. The current approximate value of outstanding credit card related debt is 1.023 trillion dollars. People love using this simple yet elegant system to make regular purchases, pay for their shopping sprees. And pay for unforeseen expenses including medical bills.

Using credit cards on a regular basis builds the credit score. It helps secure an excellent financial profile for future loan possibilities. If a person has a good history of paying for all credit cards, their FICO scores are naturally good. It provides an assurance of repayment to all future lenders. A good credit card profile is like a gate pass to a future of excellent loan opportunities. Taking care of your loans today will help you get better loans tomorrow.


The importance of consolidation of credit card debt in the lives of Americans

To pay off credit card debt and other multiple small and medium debts, people sometimes need to take help of experts. Each adult has 3 or more credit cards in the US. It calls for financial attention and advice. People often adopt debt consolidation plans to pay off all outstanding debts. It brings down the number of payments to just one, and it also introduces a flat interest rate for monthly payments. Getting to know the nature of your debt is the only way to financial freedom. To pay off all your debts successfully as per payment deadlines you can make your own payment plans and monthly budgets.


Debt consolidation loan assistance from the US Government

No matter how many loans you have and how low your credit score is, you can always get a second chance from the Government Debt Consolidation loan plans in the USA. Although it is challenging to qualify for government grants and loans. You can often find government supported consolidation loan options under alternative names. Finding a reliable loan does not have to be a nightmare for everyone. You can always look up government, non-profit, credit counseling options. And debt consolidation options that will indeed help you get away from the clutches of debt.


Lending Works for Credit Card Debt Consolidation and Peer-to-Peer loans

Lending Works UK is a loan company that has been helping people with multiple debts, credit card dues and business loan needs for quite a few years. The only way to know how much you need to borrow and the best rates you can find online is by searching, comparing and calculating the rates using real-time debt calculators. From 1000 Pounds to 25000 Pounds, you can borrow any amount depending on your need and the company repayment options. Personal loans from any company like the Lending Works do not always demand collaterals and guarantors. Therefore, finding a consolidation loan or even an unsecured personal loan to repay your outstanding credit card debts is no longer impossible.


Personal Loans with Loans Canada

It is a company and a platform, blended into one. Loans Canada can match their applicants up with the best lending parties across the country. Canadian credit card debt may not be as critical as the USA, but even with their moderate popular growth and credit card usage, there are more credit cards than people in the maple-country. When people need to manage more than one payment per month for their several lines of credit, they can always collate their outstanding debts and apply for a personal loan. Since it is a personal loan, it does not demand collateral, and the borrower can use the lump sum amount to pay off all his/her credit card bills.


Citrus Loans UK

Citrus Loans is a start-up and an online finance platform. When you are struggling with home improvement loan payments, mortgage loan payments, title loan payments or even simple credit card payment, you can opt for a loan amount that can cover all the pending installments for good. This way you can say goodbye to recurring monthly bills, varying payment amounts throughout the month and floating interest rates.


Fresh Finance for a fresh start

Fresh Finance Canada offers a fresh start to several people and entrepreneurs across the country. Debt consolidation is the process that provides debt relief, secure credit card payment options and simplifies all monthly payments irrespective of the number of loans the person has to pay and their skyrocketing interest rates. Finding debt consolidation loan options with bad credit can be very tough regardless of your location. You can check out Fresh Finance blogs to understand the different factors that may govern your future loan possibilities no matter where you are.


Nationwide Personal Loans

Nationwide Personal Loans gives you a complete understanding of how credit card and business debt consolidation should work. When you are struggling with payments of personal loans, secured loans, credit card bills and even store cards, you should be able to collate the payments into one. It will reduce the monthly outgoings. Ideally, debt consolidation companies in the UK allow the borrowers 1000 pounds to 25000 pounds lump sum at one go depending upon their credit score and their payment history. Nonetheless, the interest rates and APRs can vary widely depending upon your finance profile.

No matter where you are looking, find out if the company you have selected has accreditation and a good reputation. For example, in the USA, you can always find a list of government-approved consolidation loan companies on the FTC website. You can find further information about all reliable consolidation loan and credit counseling companies on the NFCC and FCAA websites. You can also find considerable information about the approved loan programs on the BBB sites. Always remember that the US Government does NOT provide direct consolidation loan plans. However, you can find quite a few under alternate names.


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