Latest SEO Strategy To Improve Your Site Rank in 2018

By: Nancy Lamas

Developers are always in search of ways how to improve their site rank by creating more awareness and driving traffic to the site. The rank of a site heavily depends on the SEO strategies and other marketing techniques. Every year SEO strategies get a makeover and the previous strategies become outdated. The constant change lets developer select the right strategy to implement in their SEO that will give them the desired results.

As we’re close to entering 2018, it’s about time to plan the key strategies to keep up with the execution of successful SEO strategy.

Top SEO trends to look forward to in 2018

#1. Voice Search Optimization

Voice search SEO is going to a great thing in the coming year. There’s no second thought in saying that voice search optimization will be among the top SEO trends in 2018. Optimize your keywords with long-tail conversation keywords to make the best use of voice search option. The internet is all set to see a rise in the search engine through voice optimization.

#2. Importance of content marketing & Social media

The SEO experts will give more importance to content and social media. They believe that both these strategies are proven and bring the guaranteed result to the website rank. Content marketing helps create more awareness about the information and details with a good return on investment. Blog posting is one effective way of increasing the visibility of your site by targeting the keywords. Google gives priority to those content that readers find most useful. Content with 2000 words targeting the relevant keyword will rank high in the search engine in 2018.

#3. Earned links

The developers should aim at earning high quality links with content marketing that will definitely boost website’s ranking on the search engine. Earning backlinks will continue to be the ultimate aim of the developers. Make sure the backlinks that you’re gaining are of good quality. Quantity doesn’t matter if it doesn’t brings value to the site rank.

#4. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Both of these trends have received huge buzz in the recent years. Machine learning and Artificial intelligence work great and are known to bring an effective change in the SEO and boost result in search engine ranking. You can achieve this by writing high quality content that satisfies user’s intent and optimizing voice search optimization.

#5. User-friendly experience

No matter how many trends come and go, this trend will stay till the end.  Search engine optimization pays great concern for providing seamless user experience to its users. The SEO of a website relies on the user experience that a website is providing to its users. If there’s one thing the developers should concentrate in terms of SEO in 2018, it would be to enhance the customer experience by providing great assistance that will give a boost the SEO rank of your website.

Moving towards next year, New Year will bring new trends and the old ones will fade out. The strategies and techniques remain pretty much the same with new additions. The above-mentioned strategies are good to keep in mind and follow them by staying up to date and ahead of SEO market.


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