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Is Shared Hosting A Better Bet For Smaller Businesses?

By: Sunder Singh

If you are a small business and don’t want to spend too much on web-hosting up-front then shared web hosting may be the right choice for you.

So what Is Shared Hosting?

It is when you share the website shares the web-server with many different websites. Each such shared website has its own resource allocation. And the advantages are just too many.

Don’t Need Too Much Investment

The web-hosting provider may be able to place hundreds or even thousands of hosting accounts in a single host. In fact shared web-hosting comes at a dirt cheap price so you may start with web-hosting with no significant investment.

Packed With many Features

When it comes to hosting the industry is full of hosts each one offering low price. And you may find really great deal with some efforts.

And Which Features Should You Focus More?

You will be keeping the website files in the web-server so it very important to pay attention to amount of storage that’s made available. While most of the hosting providers offer enough space to keep all the files safely.


When you are looking for a web host you have to how much bandwidth is being offered. Most the current day providers offer unlimited bandwidth. It is good to have as when the traffic on the site increases you don’t have to face any issues.

Domains & Sub domains

Once you have a site up and running, there are good chances that you may need a second or a third one. It may not be a very good idea to manage many accounts. So a better idea would be to go with a web-host that will let you host many domains. If there are any limitations then you should know it well so that there are no surprises.

Support for Database

Your website may have a database, to make sure that it works well just look at the various databases that may be there in the hosting.

Support for Applications

Just make sure that the hosting provider offers support for popular frameworks and content management systems.

Round The Clock Support

Just see to it that web-hosting provider offers enough technical support so that you may get the required support as and when required.


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