Instagram’s Role and Impact on Social Media Marketing for Businesses

By: karen

Social media marketing is the need of the day when it comes to promoting your business online. Facebook and Twitter are the most widely used social media platforms that business owners use when it comes to the marketing and the promotion of your business. However, most people ignore the importance of Instagram and the benefits that it brings to their business.

Why do most business owners ignore the importance of Instagram?

Most business owners even till this date do not believe in the concept of selling themselves through pictures. However, they lose out on a lot of customers that are available on this visual platform. There are over 700 million registered customers on Instagram, and most of them are in the age group of 18 years to 30 years. They are technologically savvy, and they like to view their products before purchase. This means if you wish to bring in a transformation in your business, you should embrace Instagram as a marketing tool when it comes to choosing social media for advertising.

Instagram is a convenient mobile application that can be downloaded. This social media platform has many photo filters and frames for you to share photos of your product on the Internet. When you are looking for social media marketing that is fast, instant and easy, Instagram is the right platform for you. This platform is free, and you do not have to opt for paid membership packages like Facebook.

Using the story feature of Instagram

The average individual is fond of stories, and this is one of the most attractive features of Instagram. You can create stories about your product and post them live for 24 hours. This encourages your network to share the story in this short span of time. When you register on the domain, you effectively can click your photos on your smartphone and use the attractive photo filters to improve them.

The need for a social media strategy for Instagram

It is important for you to create a social media strategy for Instagram marketing. The nature of your posts should be frequent and regular. Again, do not overdo the posting part as too much again is not good. When you are working on a social media strategy, it is essential for you to first to fix your goals. You might wish to improve brand visibility; you may wish to encourage better customer engagement, you may need more conversions. In short, when you are going in for social media marketing on Instagram, fix your weekly, monthly and yearly goals. The nature of the posts you publish should confirm these goals. In case, you cannot devote too much time to social media marketing; you may use social media automation software tools that help you schedule your posts and publish them. With the right strategy, you can increase real Instagram likes for your brand. Your social media strategy for Instagram must contain the following-


When you are using Instagram for social media marketing, it is imperative for you to post at the correct time. Your social engagement depends on your timing. In case, you post an update at the wrong time; you will find that it goes noticed and the whole purpose of the post is unfulfilled. If you wish to grab the attention of your followers, early morning and late evening are the best times of the day for you to post. It is not prudent for you to post during the business working hours as most of the time your post will go unnoticed. Sunday is the worst day of the week for posting while Thursday and Monday are considered to be the best days to post on Instagram. They have the highest levels of traffic and engagement.

Follow others in the same niche or interest

If you are looking for ways and means to improve your network, follow others that are in the same niche or interest. If you follow others that have the same interests, you are bound to be noticed, and others will also follow you back. It is important for you to reach out and connect with those people that you believe will be interested in your product.


Use business keywords in your caption. This is important for you as when it comes to the industry you will find there are several others like you that are selling products and services in the industry. When it comes to Instagram you will find that there is a misconception among people that this social media platform should only be used if you are selling products- this is not true. Even if you are offering services in the market, you can post pictures of people using your product. You can share their experiences in stories and spread the word about your business.

Write a good description

It is prudent for you to write a good description and let the targeted audience know about the benefits of your business. You should add a link to your business campaign so that you may guide and direct people to your website.


The use of hashtags is significant and choose a marketing strategy that has trending hashtags for your business. The hashtags will connect your brand to people across the world, and this improves your web visibility.

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms you can for your business. Ensure you create a unique marketing strategy for your business so that you can post regularly and engage your customers. The best part of Instagram is that it is free and you can reach out to the 700 million registered users that are looking for you. If you are a small business owner, Instagram is surely one of the most platforms for your business. It is cost effective and largely helps you to reach out to a targeted audience that is looking for your products and services in the online market.


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