Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business

How to Start a Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business

By: Ethan Martinez

A dry cleaning business offers great services to many people. There will always be a demand for such services as people will always need clean clothes. This means that starting a laundry service will be viable no matter where you decide to start it. If you do the right kind of planning, it can be a very exciting business to own. What is more, you will never run out of clients as virtually everyone needs to wear clean clothes. You can even learn how to start a laundry business from home. Armed with entrepreneurial skills and the right spot, such a business is bound to work out and be very profitable. Below are some pointers on how to start a laundry and dry cleaning business.


Create a Business Plan

This is normally a formal declaration that details your professional goals and how you plan to achieve them. If you are looking to secure a loan, it will be a necessity. In it, include:

  • Start with management and organisation. Here, you lay out the businesses managerial structure, plans or retaining the company ownership, and each staff member’s professional qualification.
  • Include your marketing strategy. This usually includes how you want to get into the market, plans of expanding your business, distribution channels, and how you will market your services to customers.
  • If necessary, come up with a funding request. It should entail your current financial needs and how you intend to use the money once you get it.
  • Get the Required Permits and Licenses
  • You will require a license and permit to start a dry cleaning business. These permits and licenses need to be renewed regularly.
  • Go to your local and state officials to get and file the needed paperwork to start your dry cleaning business
  • In case you plan on hiring workers, you will also be needed to get in touch with the taxation authorities to get your business registered and get an employer ID number, if applicable.

Create a Business Plan

Pick the Right Location

Most people want a convenient spot to have their clothes dry-cleaned. This means that it has to be near their office or home. Depending on where you live, the best location would be investing in a business property with a drive-thru. This way, your clients can easily drop off or pick up their clothes while seated in the comfort of their vehicles. Do some market research to ensure your business is strategically located.


Rent or Buy the Right Equipment

You will not be able to run your dry cleaning business without the right equipment. When it comes to buying a commercial washing machine, do not fall for cheap equipment as it would end up increasing your costs due to the regular maintenance and repairs required. Always buy from well-known dealers and manufacturers or buy equipment in good working condition from another cleaner who is going out of business. If you are not able to afford new equipment, you can opt to rent or lease. One good thing about these options is that the companies responsible usually service the equipment for you.

Washing Machine


Determine Your Pricing

Normally, laundry is charged per pound while other items that need to be dry cleaned get charged individually. Charging per item depends on its size. This is the reason a tie will cost less than a fur coat. While pricing, consider the neighborhood your business will operate from. You do not want your prices to be high but also, do not underprice as you are in the business for the revenue it generates. If your business includes specialty services like mending or replacing buttons in the clothes, these should be priced separately.


Hire Staff

You cannot run a business without workers. The best way to do this is finding people with the relevant experience and knowledge on how to run such a business. Remember that you will need to pay them decent wages. Hiring staff does not mean that your presence in the store is not needed. While starting out, you will also be needed to help with the cleaning and other tasks to help cut down the costs. Also, you need to be the face of your business, network with your clients and ensure they are satisfied with the services.

Hire Staff in your business


Market your Business

It is very important to market your dry cleaning business if you intend to build a client base. While a phone book advertisement is a bit pricey, it could be a great way to get more clients. Another great way of marketing is through social media. This is usually free, and customers can reach out to you directly. Through social media, you can offer coupons or special discounts to encourage customers.


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