WordPress Speed Up

How to Speed-Up Your WordPress Website

By: Sunder Singh

It is a known fact that website speed is very important. Day by day, website visitors are growing impatient and website load time forms a critical piece of the puzzle in the overall user journey and purchase cycle. Additionally, search engines like Bing and Google reward speedy websites with better ranks and higher search visibility. WordPress sites can be slow if they aren’t configured properly. However, there are plugins, techniques, and services out there to make your WordPress website super-fast. Let’s take a look at them:


1. Compress Images

Images are the heaviest elements of a page and more often than not, they are the primary reason for slow website speed.  It is essential to compress images before you go ahead and use them on your WordPress website. And WordPress being able to provide a plethora of useful plugins, you can use some of them to make image compression simple. There are several free plugins available that allow you to resize, optimize and compress all of your images such as WP Smush and EWWW Image Optimizer.


2. Get Faster Hosting

The quest to improve your website’s speed starts with your hosting. The first thing you need to do as a WordPress website owner is to move to WordPress Hosting. The whole premise of WordPress Hosting is that it is configured to optimize security, speed, backups, WordPress updates, and scalability for hosting WordPress websites. Moreover, look for smarter WordPress Hosting providers that offer Cloud-based WordPress Hosting plans and integrate them with advanced caching techniques like Varnish Caching.


3. Minify Scripts and CSS Files 

The themes and plugins you set up on your WordPress website will increase the load, as they are going to run several CSS files and scripts every time a user visits a page. This will definitely make the web-page load slower. What Minifying does is, it removes the “fluff” from all of those files, and amalgamate multiple files for more effective loading. Again, there are several plugins out there that integrate Minification plugins to WordPress websites. You can leverage the power of WordPress by integrating useful minification plugins such as WP Super Minify and Fast Velocity Minify. All these plugins help make the page faster and lighter.


4. Avoid Installing too Many Plugins and Themes 

Needless to say the phrase ‘too many’ is subjective. But it would be smart to only install plugins and themes that you will actually use. A lot of plugins and themes installed will definitely add extra load to your WP-Database. This is important because the WP-Database holds all of your essential WordPress information, and burdening it with themes and plugins will diminish the overall speed of your website. There are several WordPress Hosting plans out there that integrate WP-Database optimization to keep the WP-Database lean and fast.

Remember, in today’s day speed is vital for any website, as the attention span of visitors is gradually decreasing and they can’t wait for long for a page to load. So try these quick hacks on your WordPress website and they will surely boost your WordPress website to lightning speed!


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