How to Measure Wall before Buying Home Décor Wallpapers Online?

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Placing an online order for wallpaper is easier than measuring the size of your wall in order to choose the right sized wallpaper. After all, measuring the wall is not your piece of cake. Making mistakes is common to happen as you need to keep many things in mind. Thus, the dream of decorating your home with wallpaper may remain unfulfilled. You may have an overwhelmed experience.

But, don’t lose your hope. Just read this article, and you will learn how to measure your wall, buy the right-sized home decor wallpaper online and ensure perfect home decor. Here are step by step guides.

Measuring Wall

Measuring the wall is essential while buying wallpaper online. You can measure your walls on different phases: Full wall coverings, partial wall coverings, unusually shaped wall.

Full Wall Coverings

The trick is to measure the widest point of your wall. For full wall covering, you need to enter the dimensions: Width, height and mural wall. Follow the instructions for full wall coverings.

1. Width – It’s advisable to measure the horizontal distance of the wall. Do it from corner to corner.

2. Height – Don’t miss measuring the vertical height. Do it at each corner of the wall. It’s important to know that not all walls are perfectly square. If you find any difference in height, it’s always good to choose the greater of the two height measurements.

Partial Wall Coverings

If you want to apply wallpaper on the partial wall, then measure the partial wall only. Make registration marks along the portion of the wall where you want to fix the wallpaper. Follow the given instructions for partial wall coverings.

1. Width – For the partial wall covering, choosing to measure the horizontal distance between registration marks is the right method. So, find out the distance between the registration marks that you have made. This will let you find out the correct measurement of the wall’s width.

2. Height – Choose each corner of the registration mark and measure the vertical height. If there are differences in height, pick the greater portion of the two height measurements.

Do remember not to include crown molding in measurement.

Unusually Shaped Wall

It may be that your home has no well-shaped wall. In that case, measuring walls can be a bit more complicated.

In that case, ask your friend or anyone in your family to help you take measurements. Ensure that there are no obstacles or obstructions as it can throw your measurements off. It’s advisable to include a buffer of about 10% when choosing home décor wallpapers online.

Since measuring unusually shaped walls is a complex task, many wallpapers companies allow their customers to take a picture of the wall and e-mail the photo. If you have a sloping or non-uniform shaped wall, you should also send a picture of the wall. It’s good to let the company know the maximum width and height along with as much information as possible.

A reputable online dealer of wallpapers can help you suggest printing in slightly different widths to their standard measurement in order to offer the best value for money. Recording all the measurements is good.

Important Tips:

Whether you tend to go for full wall covering, partial wall covering or unusually shaped wall, checking the height of your wall at each end and a point in the middle is always a good idea. In the same way, checking the width at the top, middle and bottom of your wall is also important.

If you can’t measure the wall, or if you have an unusually shaped wall, remember to give the wallpaper suppliers the maximum sizes for each dimension of the wall.  This will let you be assured of the right wallpaper size, and thus there will be no problems when your decorator arrives to fix it.

The bottom line is that different types of wallpapers are available online for sale. You can either create your own by arranging all the materials or bring new and fresh wallpapers according to the theme of your home.


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