Increase Likes On Your Business’s Instagram Profile

How To Increase Likes On Your Business’s Instagram Profile?

By: shirawinget

Millions of people worldwide are using Instagram. This social media platform has made the sharing of pictures, with friends, convenient and is enjoyed by many. Besides networking, Instagram can also be used in an organized way for the purpose of marketing. In short, it can be rightly said that Instagram is a promotional tool which you can use to boost traffic to your business on the online platform.


Tips on Increasing Instagram Likes

Are you a business owner willing to market your products and services on Instagram? Take a look at the below-mentioned tips:


1.Use of popular hash-tags

Hashtags offer a reliable mode of getting Instagram likes for your posts. You can modify the hash-tags as per the subject matter of your posts, the product or service- their location, Instagram filters and so on. You can select one of the popularly used tags like #insta(your product name) or simply #(the name of your product). It is recommended to explore how and what type of hash-tags have been used by other competitors in your field. As per your convenience, you can use Instagram from your phone or laptop for making posts. For the easy use of hash-tags, you can adhere to the use of Tagstagram.


2. Participate in different community activities

There are numerous communities created for business owners with the aim of helping them to meet their sales and profit target. These communities have a good number of followers and are constantly expanding. They operate by rendering focus on your photos and posts on a regular basis. To enjoy real Instagram likes for your business posts, participating in such community activities will be of great help.


3. Optimum engagement

An essential success element on Instagram for a business is optimum engagement- just like other social media networks. You can use thoughtful comments for grabbing the attention of the onlookers. When restoring to Instagram ads, it is essential to use the posts keeping in mind the need of the hour. You will have to follow other’s posts, as this habit will boost your number of followers. But, don’t use random photos or posts. For a professional Instagram profile, it is important to be selective when it comes to posts or photos.


4. Get Featured

It is difficult to get featured on Instagram, but meeting the standards required for the same will help you to get over hundreds of followers on a daily basis. Though Instagram has not disclosed the criteria it adheres to for the selection of users who are featured, if your company happens to get chosen, you will be staying featured for at least a week; thereby enjoying the utmost exposure.

So, make sure to follow these tips for meeting your company’s marketing purpose by increasing the number of likes.


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