Career in Private Equity

How to Have A Rewarding Career in Private Equity?

By: david stephen


The dynamic and fast-paced work environment of private equity firms can offer an individual with an exclusive and lucrative career opportunity along with attractive perks. But, of course, a career in private equity is not for the faint-hearted.

So, do you have what it takes to work in private equity firms?

Handling a private equity firm means a unique set of challenges and good fortune for the executives. The private equity firms can provide a certain level of freedom and lucrative remuneration which is quite unmatched by other corporations. The private equity investors generally focus on the outcome or results and they have zero tolerance for under-performance which can result in a quick turnover of the teams.

If you are really interested in working for private equity firms, then you must be thoroughly focused, result-driven, and willing to do whatever it takes to improve the portfolio of the company. Additionally, you should be willing to work on how to implement strategic changes in the company, reach the top line, manage the balance sheet (of course!), and align the company with its vision.

What Can You Expect From the Private Equity Firms?

While you’re toiling every day you can expect the chance to work with one of the dedicated owners who will be supporting you to achieve the goals. If needed, they will be there to open some doors to a wide network where you can take help of experts to drive performance. In smaller firms, you’d notice that the management team is lean and there’s less bureaucracy which means there’s a wide range of company activities.

How to Succeed?

The top private equity firms generally attract both the fresher and financial veteran. But still, the selection is extremely hard which is why only a few people get hired in a year.

To prepare for one of these rare opportunities, you must evaluate your knowledge of finance, verbal reasoning, business acumen, and mental arithmetic. One thing to remember while you’re preparing is that you can never be over-prepared for the private equity interview!

Brush up your knowledge on interpretation, and deal-making, It is of great importance to know the art of deal-making and if you can demonstrate your experience in it then it would be great for making a good impression on the recruiter.

The ideal candidate must be adept in analytical and research skills. Flaunt your banking experience and be ready to discuss transactions freely. If you’ve got a non-traditional background, prepare thoroughly as you may get asked to convince them why you would fit into the world of private equity.

There’ll be many rounds of the interview if you’re being interviewed by smaller firms. While the field of private equity has always been one of the toughest and rewarding careers, you’ll need solid preparation, impeccable personality, and a shining resume to land a position.

After securing an offer, you must work on developing a transparent relationship with the private equity owners as it is extremely important for a successful career in private equity. In the early months, you’ll be judged based on your interaction with the owners.


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