How to Create an Effective PowerPoint Presentation? Read this to find out!

By: Elanora Brown

If you are planning to create a PowerPoint presentation for making a sales pitch to your audience, there are many things that you need to keep in mind. Here are some tips that are useful:


Choose a Simple Template

There are many free PowerPoint presentation templates which you can download from the internet. Choose the one that looks professional keeping in mind the audience and the place where you are planning to give the presentation. For corporate presentation make sure that you are using the name of the brand in the presentation slides.


Create an Outline

If you are planning to give a presentation the first thing that you should do is to create an outline first. In this way, your presentation will be more organized and the presentation will flow before the audience with a logical order.


Never Overload the slides

While you are creating a presentation, you have to make sure that you are not overloading the slides with too much content. Presentations are rendered to share the key ideas with your audience and not to bog them down with text that they don’t like. Keep the text short and sweet and reduce all the long phrases to the concise phrases so that all the important details can be captured with complete accuracy.


Avoid Using Fancy Fonts

In the corporate presentation you have to use professional fonts otherwise your presentation will look kiddish. However, if you have a font that runs across all the marketing, then only you should go ahead with a specific font. The use of decorative fonts may divert the attention of the audience away from the presentation and it is something which you will never want!


Remove the Clutter

It is better to keep your slides highly simple. A slide should not have more than a heading, bullet points, and an image. If you try to pack too many things in the presentation it may cause the audience to lose focus and you may also get confused in the middle of the presentation.


Use Chart Labels

If you use charts in the presentation, they look great! However, you should add a label to the charts to allow the audience to know what they exactly are meant for. It is a grave mistake to not use labels.


Use Your Background Consistently

You should pick a professional template which is not too eye-catching. It is not the background color which matters but the content and the way it is presented matters.


Don’t use too many images

You should include images within your presentation. They keep the audience engaged and also help you explain the things clearly! But you should refrain from using more than one image in the slide.


In the End

With the use of free PowerPoint presentation templates, you can keep the prices low and also make sure that you are able to deliver the message that you want!


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