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How to Build Your Mobile App Brand Through Blog?

By: pratik kanada

App development is not a small industry you know that, right? We are on the verge of entering 2018 which invites even more competition. You wish you were launching the app when the app store was initially launched with mere 500 apps. But, this ain’t going to happen in the current era. Competition is the controller and we are the puppets under its hand. This same competition has also invited upsurged quality and timely deployment of the app. The question is, whether the app is reaching the right set of audience and whether they are buying the app or not?

Your business makes no sense if no one is aware of its existence. If you are indulged in mobile app development business which is based on digital marketing and SEO services, it’s inevitable for them to build a brand recognition. So, how to do it? The modern brand building and marketing strategy diverge to one single platform for brand awareness and marketing and that is blogging. Blogs are the best ways to inform your audience about the existence of your business, services you provide and benefits your business entail. Content is not just limited to words, it is a wide sector with images, infographics, and videos. These are the most effective ways to fetch the back-links for your website and also drive organic traffic to it. Here are some other factors that can aid brand building through blogs.

#1. Connect Through Content

Have you ever felt any nostalgic moment while watching a movie? You will love a movie that you can connect to or have a resembling character of yours. Well, content can work the same magic as well. Content can connect the audience by telling stories or incidents which they can relate to. This can be done while imparting information about the business and services. You can throb the hearts of the readers and convert them into users at the same point in time. Another connection content can generate for brand recognition is visual connect. Cute and kinky images can really attract more eyes and generate a great user base for your mobile app development company. What else you can do is insert videos for the testimonial section in your website. If the content is added the quotient of statistics, readers would be more pleased and are more likely to give thumbs up to the blog and a view of your company’s site.

#2. Half of the Digital Marketing is Done with Content Marketing

When the cult of digital marketing was at its intuitive stage, the primary agenda was to stuff too many keywords and make your website or app rank at the top of the Google search results. This has been overtaken by the content marketing. Content marketing includes the keyword in a knowledgeable and interesting form. The same content is promoted on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, which covers the entire digital marketing era. Content marketing connects the users in a more personalized manner.

#3. Smart way of marketing

There are plenty of smart trends coming in the way of content marketing which bloggers always keep in the mind to track the user’s choices and grab their attention. Blogs need to be written on the sizzling topics which for now are the Internet of things, virtual assistant, cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence. Such topics will make the blogs to be more interactive and make your brand to come to the notice of a huge set of audience. 


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