How to build SaaS Startup That Wins Forever

By: Mitul Patel

What is Saas? Software as a service (Saas) is one of the most famous software model used by the most of the users on the web. It allow users to connect through the internet to cloud-based apps. Simple instance includes email, office management software, calendar etc.

It provides you the complete software solutions as per the installation payments. Users can rent the apps for their respective organizations and users can connect the app over the internet with the web browser. It’s backend contains all the required middleware parts, app software data and infrastructure. The main benefit of SaaS is that it allows your organization to get quickly running app at minimal upfront cost.

Nowadays, all the software are migrated or migrating to a Saas. Even a basic hosted model is preferable. Today most users are familiar with it and cloud computing. Generally they are even ready to take the issues of security which comes with the application model. When it comes to business growth and sell planning, any wrong decision can be a big unfortunate for your business.

Checkout the listed steps to build a startup Saas which will grow your business to a next level.

Define the Requirements

With Saas applications, what you need to figure out the first is that what  the basic need behind developing this application is and sometimes answers are hidden behind all the question your user may ask you while the feedbacks. You need to understand that what your users’ needs

And work on that. It will create a direct roadmap to a successful Saas startup.

Instead of getting stuck in the analysis you should must take a note on your user requirements and your half of the task will be completed.

Build the Trust

Communication is the most preferable and important aspect when it comes to building your Saas startup. Branding comes under the spotlight when you are upfront. Neither your logo, blog nor anything else will reflect your business startup: You will. In the business of Saas you have to go out, as the CEO of the company and have to find unique ways to connect with your audience and customers to build a particular type of relationship between you both and make you highly accountable. The respect, trust, and presence you’ll attain are so worthy to have and build a foundation which is an authenticity the markets are hungry for.

Offer short term trials

Users tends to take short trials more seriously. If you look into the database you will find a number of users flushed out from the free trials in just 4-5 days! There is no sense in offering one month free trials when most of the users do not want to use it. 90% of the Saas startups should not offer any longer than 14 days.  Your prospects will be delivered in more effective way. With a short trial period, they will try your product immediately. When you shorten your trial, you also shorten your sales cycle. If you’re able to shorten your sales cycle from six weeks to three, you will significantly reduce your customer acquisition costs.

Communicate your trial signups immediately

Communication with your trial signups becomes crucial at a time. According to studies 70% of Saas startups don’t know how to turn their free trials into clients. They don’t know how to sell Saas. In the early stages of your startup Saas you have to call every single trial user within minutes of their signups.

You may notice a drastic change to your reach rate firstly. There may be a chance that your users will spend more time with your saas with a fresh idea in their mind

You need to make sure that your solution is appropriate fit for your user’s needs before you offer them any deal. If it is not than you can use the call to help them.

Learn to handle objections

A sophisticated phone ca is the convenient way to handle the registrations. This will allow you to improve your business model more effectively. As a business startup if you understand the customer, you own the customer. So, Pick up your phone and get to know your trial users as much as you can or they’ll never become your customers.

Don’t be too fast

Saas model make the buying process easy for the customers. Never try to cover a big part of the product revenue. If you are selling something and you only get half of the revenue each time that is totally okay for initial level even if you spend some revenu on delivery. It is totally wrong to have all your costs at such high pricing to cover the revenue in order to generate revenue. When you are a saas startup, you should be ready to handle such loss. It may build an easy customer relationship for more sells in the future. It would be the best message to customers that you have mention a termination clause that will protect your interest and will convey a message to your customers that you totally take care of their interests.

Make an Investment

Investment is an essential thing for any business to get started once. You have to try self-funding to get your business long way while gaining fulltime ownership. When you are at a startup level never be depended on the external funding resources. It should be on your list only at some point when such cash is required for the rapid growth. This will set you free to spend 100% of your time getting your business going and growing without having to any type of worry about preparing the payments  for investors or taking bad deals just to get some cash in the bag. When you are looking to self-fund yourself finding grant, try different contest related to your industry, save money from your income, crowdfund your idea may help you generate a good revenue to in getting a good amount of cash that will help you to build your startup Saas that will be the long time run in the market.

A successful business is a possible thing only if you map the whole process in a correct manner.


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