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How to build a Career in Blockchain

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Internet and diversified Blockchain technology are the reasons we have progressed so much since the 1990’s. Due to the high internet speeds and wide bandwidth, we are able to transfer loads of data in a matter of seconds from one corner of the world to another. Having a good internet connection has become a necessity for all of us. Xfinity Tv Packages and internet packages provide the wide bandwidth and great speeds in the most reasonable prices all over the US.


The significance of Blockchain Technology

Over the past 18 months, Blockchain has gained a great boom. Blockchain technology is considered a next-generation solution for many problems in several tech sectors. It has received significant endorsements from government leaders, industrial giants, and entrepreneurs in an extraordinary manner.

Blockchain was first used to develop the cryptocurrency and see, Bitcoin is now one of the most dynamic and growing technologies. New York Times stated in their January paper that “The bitcoin bubble may ultimately turn out to be a distraction from the true significance of Blockchain.”


Blockchain Technology- A New Job Sector

Blockchain technology is a new thriving field of technology that doesn’t contain many experts and is open for many opportunities to entertain yourself with. It’s a new job sector which needs growing in its own way. Well, children haven’t grown up listening to stories about the blockchain and doesn’t have a particular interest in it. That is why they need guidance on why and how they can start a career in Blockchain.


Traditional paths will not fit in this digitally grown world

We all grow up thinking about becoming a doctor, engineer or pilot. Because we’re told so. And our ancestors have only known about them. But not now. While we have internet we are exposed to several of options. The Internet contains tons of information regarding everything and proper research can find us something of our interest that actually hook us up and make us want to probe it more.


Degrees may not matter- but “skill” certainly will

For decades our high school students are set to an already formulated path. A college degree is supposed to serve the graduates with highly paid white collar job but unfortunately, half of the college students don’t even continue in the field they graduated in. why? Because they are not actually interested in it or it is not paying them enough.

According to the Washington Post “, only 27 percent of college grads have a job related to their major.” Many colleges graduated are even leaving schools with a great many unprecedented debts. According to the stats, an average student graduates college with the debt of more than $37000. And collectively the US Student debt approaches up to $1.5 trillion.

Well, the interesting fact is that, when labor market tightens and companies struggle to recruit the candidates with bachelor’s degree, the recruiter requires skill more than that of a degree. If you’re a skillful person and doesn’t contain a formal education for it, there are companies that don’t even think of it as a big deal. As Google’s 17% of employees don’t even have a degree but just skill.

A Deloitte study of 2017 showed that: “aspiring workers should realize that a bachelor’s degree is not all that matters to their future. In itself, a bachelor’s degree is just a piece of paper. It’s the skills—and the occupation that matter more. When it comes to employment, that’s the real goal of education.”

How to develop a career in Blockchain technology?

What does the blockchain industry need right now?


The individuals looking to establish a career in blockchain needs to find a strategy. Do they need to identify that what do the blockchain industry need right now? Well, they need the individual that learn and develop their skills continually, and constantly keep themselves updated with the happening and inventions of the tech world.


Steps Blockchain Enthusiasts Can Take to Establish a Career



1. First things first- Need a thorough understanding of what Blockchain technology is

Blockchain technology- is basically a list of growing records named blocks and these records are linked with each other using cryptography. Each block contains information about the previous block, timestamp, and transactional data (just like a Merkle tree).

A thorough understanding of Blockchain technology that what it really stands for is quite important before opting it for a career.

The blockchain is not like other technologies available. Understandings of its complex building blocks and the relationship are critical. Decentralization, smart contracts, and apps are not just buzzing words over the internet but actually need a greater understanding to prosper in the blockchain technology world.

Additional technical skills are always helpful, whether its blockchain or other domain of technology. To learn whatever you come across, or think is interesting because it can help you greatly with blockchain.


2. Cryptography

As all our assets over the internet are in great danger, that is why considering adopting cryptography is highly important for the blockchain. As blockchain was first used in order to develop cryptocurrency. And is known to protect the assets and it solely relies on the cryptography.

High-level cryptography courses are available online on various reputable platforms.


3. Basic understanding of distributing computing theory

Distributed computing has remained no longer a study it has become a solution in the era where security and reliability are the most pressing concerns. However, the distributed computing still needs refined practices and have many problems which need to be solved. For example issues of scalability and excessive energy are constantly plaguing its implementation. People learning blockchain need to study these issues so that they can present solutions to such problems.


4. Community Management

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are exclusive to the active communities that are bringing them profitability, growth, and popularity. The several new cryptocurrency projects work as on job training for the new students of blockchain technology.

Reaching out to the reputable blockchain technology implementing organizations and offer them community outreach and other engagement oriented activities to actually learn about it.

It just introduces you to the network of people who are directly related to the field and can get you the inspiration to work with blockchain technology.


5. Make your own path

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Blockchain job market is thriving and people looking to get involved in it need to make their own path. Rather than getting a formal education of it for years also find yourself online strategies and courses to learn something yourself which separates you from the crowd.

The market is flourishing like never before and the opportunities are there sitting, waiting to be taken.


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