How the Brand Story Strategy Can Help Your B2B Business Grow in Value

How the Brand Story Strategy Can Help Your B2B Business Grow in Value

By: Zaid Nisar

With so many businesses out there, it isn’t as easy as it was to capture a lead with your nitty gritty stories about how your products are the best. As honest as you may be, consumers are simply too prepared for such stories nowadays to fall for this B2B sales lead generation technique.

You can use B2B digital marketing strategies to deliver your story, but your message is what consumers respond to. – Not the media! Social media marketing is a waste of time if you fail in sharing stories engaging enough for viewers to respond to.

Your job is to use a story that readers can emotionally feel. Here are three questions you need to ask yourself before publishing or sharing your next piece of content.

  • Is the piece entertaining?
  • Is the content useful and informative?
  • Is the content going to move the reader?

You next brand story should clear these filters first.


Building a Story-Driven Brand

Speaking of an online B2B platform, most B2B marketing companies focus too much on building their brand and leave the story-telling for later. However, all businesses who leave this opportunity for later never actually find the time to focus on their story. Eventually, it’ll be too late as your b2b business marketing already would have created an image of your organization that you may never have wanted.

Brand story-telling is not just a process of b2b business marketing that helps you stand-out and get noticed. In fact, it’s an approach beyond the technicalities of a product or service you need to promote. These stories display your business vision, purpose, and values.

A brand story isn’t just an appealing tagline to attract customers. In fact, many successful businesses have built their whole reputation around that particular story. They used B2B digital marketing techniques to share their story and become recognized in their specific industry. If you don’t believe me, take a look at Starbucks! People all around the world avoid drinking coffee at 7 Eleven and Dunkin Donuts, and pay 3x the amount for Starbucks.


Successful Brands Don’t Act Like Normal Businesses

If you wish to become a brand, you first need to make your customers believe in your approach. Every time someone talks about Google, they all start by stating that it was launched in a garage. On the other hand, if you know who Jack Ma is and how he changed the lives of many through his portal, you’ll understand how these ideas became top businesses in the world.

Certain B2B platform might advise you to let them promote your products and services for more sales. However, regardless of which technique they use, the effects will fade out over time. On the other hand, your brand story is here to stay till the end of time. People will never forget how Google was created, who the founder of Apple was and why Starbucks was launched. – All because they made sure their story was the first thing people understood.


Wrap Up

It’s true that with inbound marketing techniques you’ll experience a rise in your B2B sales lead generation. However, you can’t rely on this strategy forever. Trends come and go, and eventually, this one will also have its time to leave. The only thing that’ll always remain with you is your brand story. It can’t be copied or replaced! Therefore, if you’ve never worked on promoting and telling the world the real story behind your business, start with it today to become a recognized brand.


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