Increase Workplace Productivity

How Can Improved Communication at the Workplace Increase Productivity?

By: Sunder Singh

In many ways, effective communication begins with mutual respect, communication that inspired, encourages others to do their best.  – Zig Ziglar

Effective communication at the workplace positively impacts the performance of the employees. Information not transferred in the right way at the right time only gives rise to misunderstandings and communication gaps. As a result, tasks remain incomplete, and goals are not met. With the advent of advanced and instant enterprise chat apps, workplace communication has become seamless, frequent and easy.

Here are a few benefits of effective communication at the workplace.


No scope of misunderstanding

When the information is not conveyed to the right person, at the right time, misunderstandings occur which can be a reason for the downfall of many companies. Lack of effective communication at the workplace gives rise to a state of confusion. In this case, how can every team member work for the same goal and deliver a productive result? A good communication system is required for everyone to understand the common goal and work jointly to achieve it. Every team member should have a clear understanding of what they need to do so that strategies don’t end up in a mess. For example, information used to get lost in long email trails, but with business chat apps, information can be conveyed instantly keeping everyone in loop involved in a project. It eliminates any possibility of misunderstanding.



A transparent atmosphere is necessary for a healthy work culture which can be achieved only through effective communication. If employees are informed of every detail about a project, they are more likely to complete it with confidence, within the deadline, and in the right direction. A well-informed employee feels motivated to complete the task. In addition, companies with a transparent communication system have more empowered and productive employees.


Healthy culture

A functional communication system is the base of a healthy and productive culture within the organization. If employees and managers have good working relationships with each other, a team works more effectively. It gradually also facilitates a healthy working atmosphere. There are companies where respect, empowerment, and thankfulness exist. These are the main ingredients which create a good culture in a company. In case of poor communication, employees feel afraid to solve their queries. People need to feel respected and understood to uplift morale and enhance productivity.


Increased accountability

Good communication makes workforce accountable. As effective communication in the workplace provides clear instruction, there is no scope of misunderstanding. As a result, workers stay aware of what is expected from each of them which helps accountability and tasks are done more productively. For example, when numerous projects keep running at a time, it is very necessary to keep all staff accountable to timely deliver every project. Work chat apps help a team to form groups where they can include all the members involved in a project. Every worker is informed of the latest update regarding the development of a project which makes every team and persona working on a project accountable.

To conclude, instant and improved communication is the need of the hour. So, in order to establish transparent and effective communication, it is important to put technology to good use and deploy it in the right way.



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