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How Are Apps Transforming Into Collaboration Tools?

By: Sunder Singh

The pace of technological change is breakneck and it quickly morphs from becoming a passive tool to an enabler. Take for example project communication. In any organization you’ll find various tools that are being used. In any conventional organization, you’ll find intercoms, plain vanilla chatting apps and video conferencing devices but all these passive tools are giving way to newer project collaboration apps that are doing following things:


This is one trend that is quickly changing the way we use technology. Rather than working in isolation, many software applications are being integrated into a single app that provides all the functionalities. So you’ll hardly see pure chat applications being used these days. Similarly, traditional phones and video-conferencing systems are on the verge of being extinct. All these functionalities are now being made available in a single app. This phenomenon is being termed as unified communication that intends to make the organizations look like a leaner and attractive place to work. These days if have you to start a new project and want to assign tasks, and monitor work progress , you can do it easily with the help of these apps.  These apps have taken the important first step towards becoming a collaboration tool.


In this age of the internet, even the smaller organizations have their teams sitting in different geographies and they often have to collaborate to deliver results in time. Wondering how is this becoming possible? It is because of internet-based collaboration apps that allow the team members to send instant messages to their peers easily. If they need to call, they are easily able to do so from the same app. No extra hardware is required.

But collaboration is much more than just an exchange of messages. In many instances, various team members have to work together to resolve a complex problem or manage a customer issue. Using these apps, they can easily make group video calls, video conference, share files and do much more.

online collaboration apps for teams

Now let’s see what these apps offer from a collaboration perspective:

Group Messaging

What started as one-to-one chat, , gradually got extended into group chats with dedicated chat rooms, and found its way to the organization. Group messaging makes broadcasting easier. If you want to discuss some important issue, simply add that member and start the discussions.

Information Sharing

While messaging is one thing, sometimes team members have to share a lot of information in the form of files. Yes, there are emails, and the files were being sent using them so why this app? It is to make communication more effective and real-time which gradually leads to collaboration as well.

Group Calling

It is one key feature of project collaboration apps that makes group calling and discussions amongst team members quick and simple.

In The End

Project collaboration apps equip you with the latest technology to deliver results quickly.


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