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Have WooCommerce Site? Know How Managed WooCommerce Hosting Can Aid in Your Business

By: smithangela

The Internet has been instrumental in the advent of eCommerce. Now people can buy and sell anything, anywhere and anytime. This is possible due to the numerous websites that offer to display stuff and make purchasing secure. All of this is achieved thanks to WordPress which is the most popular platform for website designing.

However, unlike other websites, eCommerce pages require additional features to make them secure. Managed WooCommerce hosting plays its part here. WooCommerce is a free open source eCommerce plugin for WordPress which helps the site owners to run their sites competently and without any glitches.

Advantages of Using Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Most business enterprises come up with an idea, which develops into a product and is marketed on the internet with the help of many software experts. These people are responsible for the creation, updating and managing of the webpage.

People can either afford to hire software professionals full time for managing their website or could opt for managed hosting.

Few advantages of using managed WooCommerce hosting are

  • All backend tasks such as data migration, updating sites, and security concerns are managed by a third party to ensure that both the business owner and the customer have a seamless experience.
  • WooCommerce takes over the technical aspects of managing the site leaving the owner enough time to come up with better ideas for their business.
  • It offers great speed resulting in a good experience for the customer but also helps in SEO.
  • It provides SSL certificate essential for online transactions.
  • 24×7 support available via phone, live chat or email.


Some of the best Managed WooCommerce hosting providers are listed below

  1. WPOven – Hidden gem in “Managed WordPress & WooCommerce Hosting”. WPOven offers best in class features like unlimited website, unmetered traffic compatibility, 20 GB storage, 1 TB transfer, free email, dedicated cloud and CDN ready server at unbelievable price $19.95/Month.
  2. Bluehost
  3. SiteGround
  4. WP Engine
  5. HostGator


When to Opt for Managed WooCommerce Hosting?

Despite the many advantages stated above, not every user needs to opt for managed WooCommerce hosting. If you don’t intend to sell a large number of items, shared WordPress hosting would be a better option. If, however, you are unsure of the expansion of your business, opting for a managed WooCommerce hosting makes sense, as unknowingly you may end up spending more time and money learning the tricks of shared hosting only to later migrate to WooCommerce.


A few drawbacks of managed WooCommerce hosting are

  • Slightly costly compared to shared WordPress hosting plans.
  • Not all plans include automatic backup and software updates.


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