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Google Shopping Campaign Tips to Boost E-Commerce Sales in 2018

By: Ajay Sharma

You may already know that Google Shopping ads are a very effective way to showcase products in front of a qualified audience when they are actively searching on the internet. But do you know how to create a strategic campaign to boost e-commerce sales and increase return on ad spend?

Here are some tips that have been provided by expert professionals for Google Shopping ads.


#1 Multi-Channel Approach

Google uses a complex algorithm for its search engine results. A multi-pronged approach that includes an optimized website, a strategic text ad PPC campaign and effective Shopping ads management will provide you with higher search engine rankings and increase chances of audience clicking through.


#2 Optimize Product Feed

Google Shopping ads professionals cannot emphasize enough on the need to get product feed sorted with optimized titles, descriptions, product types and other important data. Make sure that information for all factors including product image, price, locality, discounts (if applicable) and reviews are incorporated and accurate. Instead of using stock photos, differentiate your product with uncommon angles, backgrounds and photo styles.

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#3 Target Niche Audience

Improve shopping ads management by using remarketing ads and the Customer Match tool to target highly qualified traffic. Using the Customer Match tool, you can show ads to relevant audience based on customer data you shared with Google. Use past browsing data of site visitors to develop highly targeted remarketing ads. Both these tools have potential to deliver high return on ad spend.


#4 Customized Bid Strategy

As an online retailer, you know that each product has a different profit margin. Use this information to bid strategically on each product. Now, this may seem like a daunting task when you have a large inventory of products but partnering with a reliable digital marketing agency with expertise in Google Shopping ads management will save time and effort for you. If you are on a limited budget, opt for a smaller number of more precise keywords to increase click-through rates.


#5 Build Negative Keywords List

Use the negative keywords feature so you don’t end up paying for irrelevant clicks. For example, if you’re selling only bathroom mats and not car mats, include the word ‘car’ in your negative keyword list. Use the search term report to find out which keywords your ads are showing up for but not leading to website traffic. Include those search terms in your negative keywords list to block unwanted clicks.


#6 Integrate with E-Commerce Platform

Google has recently partnered with leading e-commerce platforms such as BigCommerce, Magento and PrestaShop. This new partnership allows for easier submission of product information to your Merchant Center product feed. Integrating your Google Shopping ad campaign with the e-commerce platform you use is a simple way to ensure that your Merchant Center contains accurate information in real time.

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#7 Improve Your Ratings

Improve your reputation by applying to be a Google Trusted Store – this will improve your Google Seller ratings and help audiences recognize you as a reliable store. Alternately, you can use third party platforms such as Trustpilot and Yotpo to get good reviews for your products. It’s a known fact that audiences go by reviews while purchasing online and favorable reviews can lead to increased sales.


#8 Develop Strategic Content

Develop useful content that provides descriptive information such as the brand, model, size and color to attract online buyers. For the product description field in your Merchant account, you can use up to 5000 characters – make sure you use this character limit effectively to include keyword rich content. You can also use variants and long-tail keywords to broaden your reach among audience.

You don’t have to do it on your own – partner an experienced white label PPC management agency with expertise in Google Shopping ads management!

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