Generating Traffic to Your Website from Two Top Social Media Platforms

By: Harris

Building traffic through social media campaigns is something similar to a city planner efficiently strategizing the traffic to ensure the smooth flow. If you consider each subway to the city is a source of website traffic, then traffic through social media may be the pillars of your city traffic infrastructure.

Getting true people to your site through social media interactions is a tricky and tiresome affair, especially when you are a limited budget and trying the most generic methods for promotions. Even if paid social engagement may help you boost the traffic, how can you get people to reach the social channels?

Increasing social media traffic

This goal is met when you can build a relationship and engage the participants on each social media network. As being available readily for the users, brand loyalists and prospective buyers help nurture this process. Let’s explore this further by first understanding the strategic techniques for traffic generation through major social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Why is Facebook traffic vital to your business?

Getting more Facebook fans to your site is largely essential now based on their recent announcement pointing to decreased organic reach to the pages. Here, will discuss a few key strategies to adopt.

Ensure a steady stream of engaging and shareable content

If you maintain a stagnant website which never changes, you may struggle with the impact it may probably make regarding attracting traffic. The game is changed to comprehensive digital marketing in which fresh and engaging content is the king.

So, fresh and always new content on your website is essential. This not only helps social media marketing but also in SEO. It is known that Google now rewards the sites featuring most updated and relevant content. On thinking of fresh content now and then, you can consider:

  • Posting a weekly tip which is your industry specific.
  • Post a weekly news bite with a good photo.
  • Curate a reliable list of top 10 articles or equipment of anything which is relevant to the users.
  • Post an interview with someone of your niche.

Prepare easy to share content to reach more

It is not all about fresh content, but you need to try and make them easily shareable. Just add a social sharing plug-in with Facebook share buttons so that others who find it interesting can instantly share. There is the scope of including static share buttons in line with the content as well as on top or bottom of the article.

Facebook share is the easiest option which the users also prefer. You can remind the readers towards the end of the article as to share it on Facebook if they found the topic helpful. Remember, people may tend to share only information which they found useful and relevant for others too. So, always keep the customer needs in mind while developing ‘sharable’ content.

Why Instagram to generate traffic?

According to an Instagram research report, the explore option using the algorithm to find more relevant content via hashtags, Instagram is outgrowing the relevance of Facebook regarding business and brand promotions. On the other hand, the number of followers for Instagram of major brands has also increased over time. Here are some reasons behind the increasing growth and acceptance of Instagram.

  • Instagram offers visual content at the first point, which is the primary preference of users now.
  • Instagram has a lesser clutter when compared to other social media platforms.
  • As like content sharing platforms, there are no character limits.
  • Your content will not be hidden based on algorithms.
  • Instagram is a born mobile app and naturally came on top on a mobile-dominated world.

Driving in traffic through Instagram

  • Prepare the best bio

To ensure the best out of Instagram, you need to prepare a bio which includes all the information about your business. Remember, this is a place where you can put your website address or link to a product page. As the sure-shot way to redirect the traffic to your web pages, prepare Instagram bio perfectly.

  • Leveraging the CTA’s

Not to say you have to choose the best photographs to post with relevant hashtag. An additional thing you can include is a clear CTA (call to action). It can be effectively “click the link provided in the bio.” You can also inscribe the URL over the image using apps like Canva.

  • Use ads and influencers

Growing past the generic promotional approaches, you can think of collaborating with the influencers to generate more traffic by attracting people to your profile. Influencers are those who maintain a good reputation in your niche, among the potential followers in your target group. In the virtual space, they are the leaders, and by connecting with them, you also get to enjoy a fair share of their reputation and admiration among the potential users.

Along with doing social media promotions to generate traffic to your website, you need to ensure that each piece of content on your site also satisfy the customer needs and effectively take them through the sales funnel. You might ask the users comment on your blogs and also try to engage effectively with them to revisit your strategies from time to time.


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