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Five Tips to Help You Decide Whether to Partner a White Label PPC Agency

By: Ajay Sharma

Are your Canadian clients asking for PPC solutions? Are you tired of saying no and seeing them walk away to your competitors? It’s time you considered partnering a white label PPC agency that will work as an extension of your company.

It’s understandable you would have reservations and here are some tips to help you decide:

Top Three Concerns

  • It’s true that a white label AdWords agency will not have the best understanding of a client’s business and marketing objectives (at least not initially) to provide customized PPC solutions.
  • You may think that collaborating with a white label service provider means giving up control over an account and losing valuable insights.
  • And what if a client finds out you’ve outsourced to a third party – it might erode your company’s credentials.

Tips for Best Solutions

  • Look for a reliable white label PPC management agency that takes the time and effort to understand your client’s requirements and does not stop with cookie-cutter solutions.
  • Be articulate while communicating and make sure you carefully state your expectations for goals and reporting.
  • The more information you provide, the easier it will be for the white label agency to identify crucial campaign aspects and work accordingly.

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Tips for Greater Control

With a white label AdWords agency, you don’t have to handover every aspect of a PPC campaign.

  • Most agencies offer flexible solutions based on requirement whether it is campaign design, implementation, monitoring, analyzing, optimizing or reporting.
  • By outsourcing only a few key tasks, you can have an expert working on them and exercise greater control over an account.
  • You can also avail of complete end-to-end solutions if you need them for a particular project.

Tips to Ensure Discretion

  • A reliable white label agency will never compete with you for business and offer unbranded solutions which you can provide to clients using your own brand name.
  • The foundation of a white label partnership is based on confidentiality and discretion. Perform a stringent background check on the agency you are considering before handing over an account.
  • Look for an experienced agency that’s been around for several years as this is an indicator that the agency is trusted by clients.

White Label Benefits

  • With a white label PPC management agency, you can have PPC experts provide immediate solutions without any of the expenses involved in building a full-time team.
  • Moreover, you can scale as per requirement – build a larger team when required or scale it down when not required.
  • Partnering a white label service provider allows you to maintain workflow efficiency while adding a new service range to your business offerings.

Your apprehensions will fade once you partner a reliable white label agency and collaborate on a number of accounts. And when you see the ROI, you’ll wonder why you didn’t consider it earlier!

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Ajay Sharma has more than 4.5-year experience in Digital Marketing and working as a PPC & SEO Analyst in a reputed white label PPC services agency providing PPC outsourcing services and still learning new marketing tactics. And he is the Author at TechWebSpace.com Also, loves music, travelling, adventure, family and friends.


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