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Five quick tips to help you ace your Instagram marketing campaign

By: Harris

With over 700 million users on Instagram, you are committing a big mistake if you have not started using it for your business website. Instagram is considered to be one of the most widely popular social media platforms after Facebook when it comes to customer engagement and more targeted audience for your business website. The best part of Instagram is that it is very simple and you do not have to be very technically savvy to use it.

Instagram is mobile friendly, and so when you are on the move, it is simple for you to use the app and post content that relates to your business. Editing is simple, and so if you still do not have an Instagram account, you should get started immediately. The procedure for registration is simple. Log into the app and complete the registration guidance. Once you have finished, create a strong business profile with a good bio and of course a link to your business website in the author bio so that users can identify your line of business and connect with you.

5 Fast Ways to market your business website on Instagram

The following are ways via which you effectively can market your business on Instagram:

#1. Use free tools

In the beginning, if you are new, you do not have to go in for the paid advertising that Instagram has in store for you. You can go in for the free tools that the social media platform has. The tools that you get on Instagram are more or less the same as Facebook. So, you have the free call-to-action feature that allows users to call or contact you via email. Ensure that you create a good business profile with pictures and images that represent your business well.

#2. Adding your social media platforms for cross-promotion

If you wish to cross promote your website on social media, it is imperative for you to add Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for cross-marketing and promotion. This primarily helps you to promote your business website and attract more users in the process. When you add your existing social media profiles to your Instagram accounts, it is essential for you to ensure that you invite all your followers on these accounts to your business page here. In this way, you effectively can increase followers for Instagram quicker!

#3. The timing of your posts

When it comes to posting content on Instagram, ensure that you maintain a posting frequency that does not overwhelm your targeted audience. When it comes to the frequency of posts, there is no magic formula. Here, you need to test and see how your audience responds. The prime objective here is that you need to pay attention to customer engagement and not to the number of posts that you publish for bringing your website into view. If you are not careful, you will find that followers might unfollow you if you are always having posts on their feeds. Be prudent and test waters!

#4. Personal touch with interaction

if you want to promote your business website and gain the competitive edge in the market, it is crucial for you to interact with your followers on Instagram. Pay attention to their comments and reply. Take note of their feedback as this will give you an insight into what your customers want. The moment you interact with your customers you spark much growth, and this has the ability to bring your business website into prominence online. Users will start visiting your site, and you will generate targeted traffic with success.

#5. Interactive hashtags

It is crucial for you always to use interactive and quality hashtags to reach out to the targeted audience for your website. You can create a hashtag for your company and encourage customers to post pictures of themselves with your products. This will work well for the promotion of your business website and brand on the Internet arena. Moreover, you will be able to expand your customer base as more and more customers will feel encouraged to click pictures of themselves with your products and post them under your company hashtag.

Therefore, if you have a business website and wish to increase its online visibility to your targeted audience, it is high time for you to get on Instagram and wield the resources of this social media platform for your success. Instagram is great for websites, and it has helped many businesses improve followers and brand awareness. The social media platform also has a paid advertising campaign program, and once you have understood how its business tools work, you may opt for its paid advertising program for your business. Gradually with time, you will improve brand awareness and targeted traffic to your business website.


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