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How To Find Most Suitable Electric Bike For Yourself?

By: MarkTaylor

Are you planning to buy your first electric bike? Just pay attention to these tips and you may land the best bike that you were always looking for. In the market, you may find all kind of electric bikes, where each claims to be better than the other. There may be many extras which the bike may come with, but the question arises, do you need these facilities? The question is crucial as it affects the prices of the bike.

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Good for Health and Environment

Biking is good for health, and it is environment-friendly as well besides causing a reduction in the pollution. There are many benefits like enhanced stamina and better physique. But when should you go for an e-bike? They are particularly beneficial on hilly terrains when you are trying to negotiate strong winds and high summer temperatures when you don’t feel like biking. It is also good for those who are asthmatic or have pain in the joints, or you are a senior citizen who wants to be able to use a two-wheeler. They are also a perfect option you are trying to convince someone that with an electric bike they will be able to join the adventure or healthy ride. But they are not without challenges as e-bikes happen to be heavier than regular bikes, and they may give you real nightmare if the battery goes off all of sudden.

Wondering Which Kind Is The Best?

If you have decided to go for an electric bike (Halfords electric bikes) the best would be to go for an e-bike that is built with a specific purpose in mind. These are typically the lightest toughest and more capable than the do-it-yourself model. In the market, these days you may be able to find folding bikes, tandem bikes, mountain bike models but they all come at a price. It is crucial to remember that if your electric bike gets stolen the losses may be very high. So it is advisable that you get an insurance agent and you might feel very comfortable.

And The Prices That You Might Have To Pay

The prices depend a lot on what you like to have, but many factors decide the price of the bike. They are weight, mile range capabilities, speed and the breaking. The traditional e-bikes are not that fancy and may go up-to five digits in pricing. In the market prices of a decent cheap electric bike vary from USD 1000-USD 1500. But for the high-quality e-bikes, you may have to pay a slightly higher price.

What about Battery and Other Key Things?

Typical battery packs have 36 volts of power with 10 amp hrs. of the capacity. It adds up-to 360-watt-hours total battery time. A simple thumb-rule is to get the mile range is to divide the watt-hours by 20. It is when no pedaling assistance is provided. And when it comes to speed, some e-bikes may go beyond 20 miles in an hour. Although you may ride faster if there is pedal assistance. But that may cost battery to drain quickly.

Maintaining Your E-bike

Basic maintenance of the e-bike may be done on your own at home very much like the other ordinary pedal bikes. But if something goes wrong critically, then you may have to preferably go for specialized repairs.

In The End

You may decide on the best electric bike for you if you read these things rather clearly and precisely.


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