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What Are The Most Famous Inbound Marketing Trends In 2018?

By: Stevan Mcgrath

Internet marketing is one of the most important strategies for a company who wishes to achieve success on the internet. Spending thousands of dollars on a website will result in a significant loss when nobody knows about the website. Thus, once a website has been developed, a company should spend time, effort and money on inbound marketing techniques. It will help them expose their brand to more consumers, and essentially increase their leads, contacts, and customers.

Inbound marketing can be quite complex, as the techniques are changing on a daily basis. What worked a year ago, or even a few months ago, might not be the best option today.

Keeping up with the changes and rising trends in inbound marketing is essential. This will make your efforts to effectively implementing the right inbound marketing strategies more effective. Hence it will also yield better results that will give you the ability to grow your business.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what inbound marketing is. And why this strategy is so important in your business model. Also, we will discuss some of the most important inbound marketing trends and strategies that you need to implement into your business model in 2018.

The Role Of Inbound Marketing In Your Business

Inbound marketing is most certainly not a new technique. It has been used for many years by companies of all sizes, to assist with boosting the success of a business, grow the number of customers they have, and to maintain a higher customer retention rate.

Before you can truly take advantage of inbound marketing, you need to understand what inbound marketing really is! This way, you will know why you need to implement certain strategies into your business model.  Thus helping you better realize the purpose of each step involved in inbound marketing.

The 4 parts of Inbound Marketing Strategy:

From a broader view, there are four parts of an inbound marketing strategy. Each part holds a number of goals that need to be met for the inbound marketing strategy to be truly effective. Each of these parts involved in an inbound marketing strategy flows into each other. The four particular parts include:

  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Close
  • Delight

When someone visits your website for the first time, they are a “stranger”. They do not know your brand and have landed on your website to learn more about your brand. As they learn more, they become a “visitor”. This is essentially the “attract” phase of inbound marketing.

The next step is to “convert” the visitor into a lead. There are numerous ways to do this. You could ask them to provide their contact details and offer them something free in return, such as an e-book or a short video course. You could also offer to send them daily updates on special offers, as well as subscriber-exclusive coupons.

Once the visitor becomes a lead, the next step is to “close” the deal – get them to buy something from you. Thus turning the lead into a customer.

Finally, when you truly impress the customer and build a long-lasting professional relationship with them, they will be likely to recommend your business to friends, family members, colleagues and other acquaintances. This is the “delight” phase of inbound marketing.

Ultimately, this entire process can become a circle – when an existing customer refers a friend to your brand, that friend need to go through the process again. They become educated about your brand, turning them from stranger to visitor, you then capture them as a lead and close the deal!

Inbound Marketing Trends To Follow In 2018

Just as you are staying updated on the latest social media marketing trends and strategies that need to be implemented for better search engine rankings, you also need to ensure you comply with the latest standards in inbound marketing.

When you focus on the right strategies, you get the advantage of being able to introduce strangers to your brands. Thus taking them through the entire process of converting them to a lead and turning them into a customer, without difficulty.

Let’s consider some of the most valuable trends in inbound marketing.

• Lose The Long Contact And Quote Forms

Most websites have at least one type of form.

A contact form to allow customers to get in touch with the support team. Or a form that allows a customer to request a quotation on products or services, or perhaps a form that allows the customer to make requests or complaints.

While forms are considered the “traditional” method of providing ease-of-communication for the consumer, most people are now considering forms obsolete.

There is no need to completely remove forms from your website. But adding additional features that make communication easier for the consumer can provide your business with a great advantage. Live chat is one particular feature that you should consider essential. Up to 44% of individuals who buy products on the internet claim that being able to talk to a support agent live helps them get their questions answered faster, and increases the chance that they would buy from that particular brand.

• Do Not Overlook The Opportunities That Guest Blogging Has To Offer

Guest blogging has been popular for a long time now in digital marketing. Still, it continues to hold numerous benefits.

Whether you are selling physical products, providing a service to your customers, or simply wish to increase traffic to your affiliate website – guest blogging should be an important part of your inbound marketing strategy.

Guest blogging helps you build better authority for your brand. It also gives you an opportunity to expose your products, services, and brands to a new target audience. You also get instant exposure, increase your social media presence, you gain valuable backlinks, and you get to generate high-quality leads that can be converted into customers.

Implementing an influencer marketing strategy can also be helpful when it comes to posting on third-party blogs and social media accounts.

• Take Advantage of Chatbots

Artificial intelligence has provided businesses with many ways to automate certain operations. It gives them the ability to spend their precious time on other departments that can be helpful to other areas of the business.

Chatbots offer businesses a great way to automate their customer service procedures. It does this by automatically responding to customer queries that are appropriate to the particular question asked. There are different types of chatbots, each with its own pros and cons. It is important to take a look at different chatbots available. It helps in determining which one will best suit your business model and the type of requests that your customers might make. Implement a chatbot on your website, as well as on your Facebook page for a significant boost in overall productivity.

• Give Your Visitors Interactive Content

Static content can be boring and can have a negative impact on your conversion rates. Your visitors want to be informed and entertained at the same time.

The content you provide your visitors need to catch their attention from the very moment they look at the page. It helps to make them stay on the page.

There are many different types of interactive content you can include on your pages to help keep your visitors engaged. Take a look at BuzzFeed, for example. They frequently include quizzes and surveys to ensure their visitors are presented with interactive content to keep them on the page. Adding videos and animations to a page can also be useful too.

• Long-Format Content Perform Better

Another important trend for inbound marketing you need to take into consideration this year is the length of your content. Many businesses try to stuff their blogs with hundreds of 350-word articles. They think that this will give them a better chance of getting high-ranking pages. Thus help them boost the number of visitors to their website!

While this may hold some benefits in regards to driving more visitors to the website, it is important to look further into the phases of inbound marketing. If you wish to convert those visitors into leads and customers, you need to keep them on your page and give them a reason to enter their contact details, or buy something from you. Long-format content is the way to go. They provide in-depth information on topics that fall within your industry and niche!


Inbound marketing plays an essential part in the success of modern-day businesses, especially when a brand largely relies on their online presence and exposure. Through effective inbound marketing tactics, a business can grow significantly over a short period of time. But these marketing tactics continuously change. So businesses need to stay on top of their game. Thus frequently updating their strategy to meet the latest trends, will help them truly benefit from the advantages that the internet can offer. In this article, we provided an overview of why inbound marketing should be essential to your business model, and we looked at the top trends of inbound marketing you need to follow this year.


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