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Facebook VP: We’are Worried About Criticism That’s Why We Won’t Use Experts To Fix Fake News

By: Sunder Singh

The social network’s Elliot Schrage says the company is more worried about how it looks than what it actually does.

According to Axios reporter Ina Fried, the vice president of global communications, marketing, and public policy (phew!) at Facebook shook off suggestions that the network should use outside media literacy watchdogs as opposed to outsourcing its “fake news” problem to a “statistically representative” group of its own users.

While speaking at the tech conference DLD (Digital Life Design) in Munich, he revealed that the real motivation behind the company’s decision was one based almost entirely on optics. Fried reports:

VP Elliot Schrage said that Facebook itself shouldn’t be the one to decide which news to promote and said that, in a polarized world, turning things over to any third party simply “Invites criticism who that body of experts is.”

He promised that Facebook won’t let people self-select into its survey of trusted media and that it will be statistically representative.

Responding to criticism, Schrage acknowledged that the company has spent too much in recent years on building new features and not enough in protecting the existing ones from abuse.

Schrage echoed CEO Mark Zuckerberg in saying that the company needs to do more when it comes to both removing hate speech and defending the service from being a tool for foreign interference in elections.

“We have not served that mission so well in either our explanations or our investments,” VP Elliot Schrage said on Sunday, speaking at the DLD conference in Munich.

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