Explore the Amazing World of Rose Gold Men’s Wedding Bands

By: jackdsouja

Wedding rings have been around since time immemorial and its history is illustrious and long. However, men have started wearing wedding bands only in recent times. In this brief exposure of wedding bands to men, they already have become an inseparable part of a wedding celebration and are today an important wedding tradition for all men.

Choosing a wedding band could be a really difficult proposition. There are so many factors to take into account. Today conventional platinum and yellow or white gold wedding bands are making way for the fascinating rose gold wedding bands for the modern man. Rose gold has become quite a popular choice for making specialized jewelry. Rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper. You would be getting a few variations in color falling under the umbrella term ‘Rose Gold’. The color variations may include pink and red gold. As a rule, the more copper in the alloy, the ring would prove to be redder than the usual rose gold.

Rose Gold Facts

Rose gold is actually a blend of pure gold with copper. The copper content in the gold and copper alloy determines the redness of the ring. That is the reason why 18k rose gold is a slightly more champagne colored as compared to 14K that boasts of a robust rose color. In this context, you must note that there is definitely, more copper content in 14k rose gold.

Similarly, a higher karat wedding band would be having more pure gold content. Therefore, an 18k rose gold wedding band would be a definitely lighter shade slightly more towards everyone’s favorite pink. A 14k rose gold wedding band would, therefore, be slightly redder thanks to the greater copper content in the alloy. As such the ultimate tone would be a really subdued tone. The modern guy often likes to wear rose gold bands. However, they choose a wedding band as per their personality, preferences, and profession.

Sometimes you would be finding that 18k rose gold wedding rings contain palladium or silver in addition to the copper and gold alloy. 14k rose gold may contain zinc or silver at times. So you must be cautious if you are sensitive or allergic to any of the metals that constitute the rose gold.

Benefits of Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Rose gold wedding bands are known to offer a number of benefits. Rose gold rings are truly beautiful and they have an aesthetic advantage over the usual wedding bands. Rose gold complements all skin tones. These wedding bands infuse a unique and subtle tone to your clothing. They are known for their antique or vintage appeal and because of their pink color; they are always associated with romance. Rose gold wedding bands are the right choice for your life partner as they are the perfect symbol of love, romance, passion, and commitment.

Rose gold rings are really affordable and long lasting as compared to the traditional white or yellow gold wedding rings. They do not scratch so easily and do not have the rhodium plating, unlike white gold rings.


If you wish to stand out from the rest, a rose gold wedding band is your best choice. Modern guys with a zest for life would like to go for something different and unique. They would prefer rose gold wedding bands.


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