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Explained: Key Reasons for Success of MPLS!

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MPLS has been wildly successful in the industry, and there are some main reasons why this has happened.  In this post, we’ll discuss why MPLS has become so popular:


MPLS is based on IP

At a time the industry was hoping that ATM will be the backbone of the network technology in the future. But as the internet emerged with a bang, the carriers have to rethink their strategies. Then researcher was thinking how to use the ATM run over IP. Sooner they embraced IP for MPLS.


Flexibility is the cornerstone of MPLS

MPLS network is inherently flexible as the control, and the data planes are separate so that you can find many controls. Such freedom brings flexibility. The designer of MPLS also came up with a way to handle the forwarding data.


It is Protocol Neutral

The MPLS was designed to work in a multi-protocol environment. It allowed MPLS to work with ATM, Frame Relay and other protocols. MPLS evolved with networking technologies and the latest IP-based technologies. These days MPLS is being used to support the mobile communication and other back-haul communications and video distributions as well.


MPLS has Evolved

The best thing about MPLS is that it can evolve to support new applications and the services even those that are in Layer-2 and Layer-3 VPNs, ethernet and traffic engineering. From the perspective of service providers, MPLS has been successful as it allowed them to grow the network at a faster pace. They were able to add new services and reduce costs as well.


It Supports Metrics

With MPLS a wide range on network statistics can be gathered which can be used for network traffic trend analysis and planning the things. With the help of MPLS, you can measure traffic volume and the latency or the delay between the two routers as well. The traffic between two hubs, metros and the regions can also be measured.


Scalability is there

MPLS as a successful internet technology can scale quickly. Many large providers can make use of the MPLS for many large-scale networks include the public and the private networks. If you are significant business and want to grow at a fast pace, then MPLS allows you to do so.

With the emergence of cloud applications, organizations are looking at safer ways to connect to them. As the cloud-based applications can replace the premise-based apps, their performance needs to be comparable as them. Then there are concerns about security. It is where VPNs based on MPLS are a great way to connect to the cloud-based services because of their private network characteristics. They also offer better connectivity, availability of the infrastructure redundancy and the ability to prioritize the traffic. Here are some reasons to secure the child connections:


Better Performance

With MPLS the cloud-based applications can provide quality performance because they allow prioritization of the service. The concept is also known as the class of service. It gains all the more significance when you consider the kind of application that is going to be used on the cloud. You may be using delay sensitive VoIP traffic to the enterprise applications like ERP or CRM. With CoS, the enterprises can decide which type of traffic will get the priority so that there are no issues about the performance.


More Reliable

The MPLS is reliable because it is carried over a single carrier’s network, and not over the public internet. It also offers added level of security as compared to the IPSec VPNs. With MPLS VPNs the customer knows it well that they have the added advantage that their traffic is never well taken care of. Instead, it remains in the confines of the carrier’s virtual network.


Lower Bandwidth Requirement

With MPLS VPN, each site on the network is well connected to the rest of the sites over the single connection to the MPLS network. It significantly reduces the number of bandwidth customers needed to especially at the headquarters and the site of the cloud provider.



A significant advantage of why MPLS is preferred for the cloud connectivity is that you can quickly add the capacity to the MPLS VPN. There is no point in enhancing the capacity of the cloud apps if you are not able to increase the connectivity at the same time.  Cloud over MPLS VPNs can make the cloud seem like an extension of the premise-based network.



So, if you’re deciding on an MPLS network infrastructure, make sure that you are assessing the quality of the service offered. Undoubtedly, going for MPLS is a better decision, but you must sign an SLA to ensure that you get the quality of services as claimed.


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