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Essential Guide Writing a Digital Marketing Case Study

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Logic suggests, and the content marketing specialists prove that case studies, especially in digital marketing, work. In a global study for 2016, 65% of marketing specialists called them effective, and 82% of surveyed specialists considered publication of cases as the main marketing tactic for the B2B market.

Such expectations do not seem too high, because published cases provide real benefits:

  Persuade a potential client in your expertize. This is the best social proof that you solve the problems indicated in the case.

  They help to show the value of a service that cannot be touched. For example, the development of slogans, the attraction of leads, marketing analysis or site audit – all these are works that look weightless in the eyes of an unprepared customer. But if you describe in detail the stages and the number of staff employed, it will be easier to justify the price.

  People want to share cases. They are well distributed by groups in the conditions of a lack of normal author’s content.


Cases can and should be written when:

  You’ve got an expensive contract. It did not just fall on you. Advertising, promotion services, work in negotiations, the right arguments and the search for customer pain points – all this is interesting to your reader, who also wants it.

  Achieved more than usual. Analyze why it happened. What actions were taken. If seasonality or a random factor played a role, think how next time to use this lever to double the effect.

  Badly screwed up. Stories about failures are liked even more than those with happy endings.


Don’t Forget About Storytelling

The case is a story originally. The story of success or failure is not important. Therefore, elements of storytelling should be in order not to turn the narration into a bunch of tables and diagrams. Whatever treasures they keep, it will be boring to read them. Add character to the narration and season with emotions. If you tell a story, talk about the client, about his feelings, when he floundered, trying to correct the situation.

Digital Marketing Story telling

If you are talking about a breakthrough and a positive outcome in a case, contact the audience and make it associate your case with success. The reader must believe that he, too, will be able to do this or that you will organize the same success for his project. If you talk about negative experiences, it is better to avoid turning to the reader.  If you are not sure you are good with storytelling, it can be a wise choice to address one of the best case study writing services – – and ask them to write a story based on your facts, numbers.

Show the team, describe who was responsible for what. Use testimonials directly along the case. Insert them in direct speech and highlight everything exiting.

  Use screenshots and process photos. Take real photos during brainstorming and work discussions, take a photo with a client at a meeting, make the story less abstract. But remember – the screenshot without explanation does not work. There must be a legend or a detailed explanation of what this graph is for.

  Do not rest on numbers. For the user, it is often more important to find out the final result. For example, you have increased site traffic or lowered the cost of leads. But what is the result? A customer’s photo on a new snow-white boat or a video with a queue to the store will act stronger than the screen from the advertising cabinet.


What else is important to remember?

  Cases can and should be created for specific groups of the target audience.

  Any business process is suitable for a case – it is not necessary to wait for a unique event.

  A good case is a story, not a dry tabular report.

  The more visuals, the better, but any photo and graph should be explained.

  Case should answer potential reader questions. The list is universal, but it is better to prepare them in advance.

  A case is an advertising text, and therefore one cannot neglect the clinging heading and the strong first paragraph-announcement.

  Cases – a win-win version of the content.

No matter whether you need to write a real digital case study or solve it for your Marketing class, make sure to make a thorough fact check and proofreading.


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