Enhanced Mobile App Design Tips for Great Mobile Apps Project

By: Roma Kapadiya

Mobile app success greatly relies on UX that app delivers. Therefore, the role of mobile app design is significant, and today we are going to get some useful yet viable app design tips. Those tips are:

  • Honor OS Design Guidelines: Each mobile OS platform releases design guidelines, and developers have to follow it.
  • Don’t Skip App Wireframe & Prototype Steps: Wireframe and prototyping steps are highly useful to cut time and efforts of designers to be wasted on design software when jumped on it directly.
  • Keep App Design Simple: Targeting one goal per screen leads to a simplified design that users love.
  • Use Colors Judiciously: Impacts of color theory is noteworthy, and designers can leverage it using colors judiciously.
  • Justify Typography: Right use of typographic elements improve readability of textual content of the app hence, user experiences.
  • Think Animation a Part of Interaction Design: Moving objects grab immediate attention of app users and improve the effectiveness of your message, so animations must be a part of interaction design.
  • Leverage Positive Impacts of Negative Space: White spaces makes design decent and clutter-free so use it in smart ways.
  • Follow Rules of Thumb: Mobile users greatly rely on thumb when acting with devices, particularly in portrait mode, so design app UI accordingly.
  • Make Navigation Smooth & Soothing: Right navigation design ease the user journey in the app.
  • Design for Touch Experiences: Touch gestures need more white spaces around the interactive design elements, and designers should consider touch conflicts while designing an app.
  • Be Consistent in Design: Consistency across the UIs in design bring trust and comfort for the users.
  • Design for App Performance: App performance optimization through design is possible and beneficial in-app
  • Finally, Test Frequently: Frequent testing is the key to achieve quality design for your app so run frequent test during the entire design process as well as at the end before submission to the app store to get quick approval.

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