Effective On Page Optimization That Works in 2018

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Search engine optimization is the process by which a business website gains its traffic from search engine resulting using various promotional methods that make the website relevant to the queries searched by human. Keywords plays main role in search engine optimization as well as for Google Adwords (PPC). SEO is based on page and off page optimization, On page is a process by which a website is optimized with the relevant keywords internally and Off page is the actually to promote the website on various online platforms. A website ranked higher in search engine that has well defined and accurate information about any service, product or brand. There are some tips and guidelines that helps to optimize a website for SEO.


Optimizing Meta Title of Website

Meta title is the main heading of the website which is visible in search engine results. The most effective way is to write Meta title is to utilize the main keyword in it. The maximum limit of Meta title is 52 characters and it is necessary that it must not exceed the limit otherwise search engine won’t show it completely. One keywords should be used not more than two times in the entire page and its density should not exceed 0.5%. Some of the examples are given below that may help to optimize website Meta title.

Example One: Taxi Services in London at Affordable rent – Brand Name

Example Two: Chocolates cakes fresh and healthy – Brand Name

The formula to write Meta title is: Main Keyword + Specialty + Brand Name

The Meta title is based on three factors Main Keyword, Specialty and Brand name. Main keywords rank website higher in search engine. Specialty is helpful to attract the user towards the services or product and brand name shows the business identity.


URL Optimization

URL optimization is actually to optimize your website internal page URL using a keyword or service offered by a business. For this purpose, it is necessary to choose a keyword that has high volume traffic from Google Adwords. Create a list of keywords, most relevant to each other and use one of them in the URL. For example

“chocolate cake” is utilize in url as “domainname/chocolate-cake”.

The technique increase website visibility on search engine results as it is proved by many SEO experts. As same as Meta title, search engine also shows the URL of the website in search results.


Meta Description Optimization

Meta description is the third essential part of on page SEO that is also visible in search engine results. For making the description effective, it is necessary to define the services or products as mention in Meta title. The description must cover call to action and any specialty that business offers to make it more unique as compared to other competitors.


Banner Text Optimization

Java script accepts html text so it can easily be optimize for SEO with the help of proper utilization of keywords and text. Almost every website has a banner on its pages and it provides a creative look. Java script based banners fits on all types of devices including smart phone, laptops and tablets. For example if the keyword is “car insurance London” so it can be utilize as “Offering Reliable Car insurance based in London”.


Heading tags

Heading tags are one of the major factors of higher rankings in search engine results. Heading tags include h1, h2, h3 and h4 tags. It is necessary that the website has only one h1 tag and other tag can be used 3 – 4 as per requirement. Various keywords in the heading tags can be utilized, excluding those already used in Meta title, description and banner. H1 can be used once while other headings can be used as per requirements.


Image Alt tags

Image ALT Tags can be used to target keywords that are not mentioned in the text body. You can use various keywords in ALT tags to increase search engine visibility and to make your image visible on search engine. It is necessary that the image must be original and not copied from any website. An original image has chances to get backlink through various other websites. If someone uses an image from another source, they mention image courtesy using link of the website from where they get the image.


Paragraph text content

The paragraph’s content should be reader optimized, it means that the text must be written well defined and without focusing on keywords. It should be original and has information that would be helpful for the reader. The best examples of reader based content are newspaper and magazine.


Loading time of website

Loading time stands at number one when you talk about the visibility in search engine. In 2018, Google prefer websites for desktop as well as for mobile search engine that has less loading time not more than 2 seconds. Web sites that have high loading time increases the bounce rate and hence a major drops in ranking. Google counts the time spent by per user on specific web pages and convert it into bounce rate. Higher the time spend by user, lower would be bounce rate.

For WordPress Website

WordPress websites are easy to use as it has a large number of plugins that enables various features. To optimize a WordPress website, SEO Yoast is the best choice. It has the options like readability, difficulty level, keyword density, etc. It has also given scores and comment on content by gathering the total text of the webpage and keywords utilized.

Agencies offer SEO services in London followed these guidelines and help their customers to increase organic traffic and sales through search engine results. The on page plays 70% role in higher visibility in SERP.


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