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Don’t Make These Silly Mistakes with Your IT Service Desk

By: vaishaligopi


Nowadays, nearly any company cannot do without an IT service desk setup. IT services have become part and parcel of quality customer care, as it is. To cater to diverse needs of their customers, companies make use of IT service desk solutions. There are several advantages of using such software solutions for companies that want to offer the customers excellent service. The advantages include cost reduction, better teamwork, enhanced revenue and better customer retention etc. However, it is also important that your company’s support agents know the right ways to use such setup. To get the best result out of IT service desk, features and apt usage of human skills- both are required.

Mistakes that IT support desk agents should steer clear from

Even if you have the most feature laden Service Desk Software it has to be used in the right ways by the support agents of your company. Improper use of help desk solution can do your business more harm than good.

Listed below are a number of mistakes that the customer support agents should always evade at any cost.


  Not being attentive to the customers

The customers may contact the support team for various reasons. It can be for enquiring about an existing or upcoming product. They may also contact to voice grievances about malfunctioning products. In any case, the agents need to be attentive to the customers. Whether it is phone or live chat, being attentive to what the customers say is absolutely important. If the support agents are absent minded or distracted while talking to the customers or attending live chat sessions, they can easily miss/skip what the customer is actually saying. This can lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding between two parties. This may also lead to escalation of cases.


  Not staying updated with information

A customer support agent should always keep his /her knowledge about company services and products updated. In a market of intense competition, businesses need to make changes to services and product lineups from time to time. If the agents are not equipped with the changes, they may not be able to respond to customer queries properly. While they can access the information, the customers do not like delays when they contact support desk. Probably nothing can seem more annoying and frustrating for customers than contacting the support desk for information and getting delayed response and vague answers!


  Using negative language

Whether they are communicating with customers using phone or live chat setup, the support agents should refrain from using negative tone directly. In some situations, the requested product may not be in stock or what the customer is asking for cannot be fulfilled-owing to company policies. Whatever be the case, the support agents should not use phrases like ‘We cannot’, ‘Not possible’ or ‘You will not’ etc. Using such phrases cast a rude and negative effect on the customers. Instead, the agents should use positive approach and try to offer the customers best possible alternatives to address their needs.


  Not asking for feedback/opinion

The customer can contact the support team of your company for myriads of reasons. After addressing the queries or grievances of the customers, the support agents should not terminate the session. It is important that they ask the customers for additional support needs and feedbacks. This often helps in getting opinions and feedbacks of the customers on numerous issues. Besides, when the customers are asked for their views and feedbacks, they feel the company is paying them importance- leading to a feel good factor. The same approach is also applicable for e-mail based support.


  Not using empathy

The customer support agents need to remember that the customers are assets to the company and they should be responded in an empathetic way. Even though the agents handle a lot of calls or chat sessions every day, they need to maintain a certain amount of warmth in their responses. Using a robotic and mechanical tone is not going to help things. It only makes the customers who are already worried and stressed about various issues, feel bad about the company service. Using positive words, sympathizing with the caller and offering possible solutions to pacify them can work wonders. The bottom line is the customers prefer human response- regardless of which technology they are using to seek support.


  Not escalating a case in time

Sometimes, ego takes over logic in some support agents and that leads to lots of problems in resolving customer issues. An agent dealing with the case of a specific customer may not be able to resolve the issue easily. That can be owing to complexity of the issue or factors which are beyond his/her control.  The agents should evade the habit of dealing the case personally when they realize the issue cannot be resolved without expert intervention. Escalating the case early may help save time for everyone concerned. Escalating it when things spin out of control can make the customers irate and tarnish the brand image.


  Showing lack of patience

The agents using IT Help Desk Software need to have lots of patience. It is a prerequisite regardless of which form of support they are providing- chat, email or phone. There will be different types of customers and the agents have to deal with all of them. At times, some customers may fail to understand how to troubleshot products or software. Some of them may not be tech savvy as well. The agents have to adopt effective methods to deal with such customers rather than losing their cool.  Occasionally, technical glitches or software snags can interrupt interaction as well. Getting impatient with the customers is only going to complicate things.


  Losing the cool with irate customers

Not all customers interact in the same manner with support agents. The situation and mindset of each customer cannot be the same. Occasionally, some customers may talk rudely or use languages that are not courteous or professional.  However, the support agents should not respond in rude or unprofessional manner. They should try to make the customers understand the situation and possible solutions. When annoyed customers understand that the agents are trying to help them out- they are likely to calm down.


  Using automation in the wrong way

Modern Help Desk Software solutions support varying amounts of automation. However, the IT support team and the company have to use those features in the right way to get the best results. Automating a number of basic and repetitive tasks can be helpful for the workflow indeed. However, going overboard with task automation or relying on it for all major tasks is not viable. To get the best outcome, companies should use a bit of automation and complex and major tasks should be left to the human agents. As a matter of fact, AI tech is still at nascent stage and it will take some years before major support operations can be left to automation.


Summing it all up

With a balanced and careful approach, it is not hard to evade the pitfalls in IT support desk sector. The usage of high end software solutions and right human skills can work wonders.



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