Don Forman And The Fox 5 Surprise Squad

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I am incredibly impressed by the positive work the Fox 5 Surprise Squad is doing for the Las Vegas community. In fact, Don Forman Las Vegas businessman is heavily involved in community charity and philanthropic events. He is the biggest donor for the community initiative and has truly put smiles across many people’s faces. What really touched me is the recent contribution to Gibson Middle School — so that its Robotic Team students can pursue further competitions and endeavors. After hearing about the school winning the state championship with a little help from another school — the Fox 5 Surprise Squad truly surprised Ms. Jablon and her students with a check of $10,000!

The Robotic Team has been struggling with fund-raising so they can attend the World Robotics Championships. Now with the generous donation from Don Forman Fox 5 Surprise Squad, they have enough funds to build more robots and participate in the upcoming competition in Kentucky. In this day and age where uncertainty is the norm, it’s truly great to see Don Forman and Fox 5 come together to turn student dreams into realities. With dedicated teamwork, innovation and true creativity, the Robotics Team will be able to illuminate their minds without having to worry about competition fees and miscellaneous expenses.

As a community partner with Fox 5, Don Forman embodies the true spirit of philanthropy and community assistance programs. No truer is this than when it came to the healing and recovery needed for Las Vegas residents after the mass shooting. While the latter was –and still is — difficult for many residents to overcome, Don Forman and the Fox 5 Surprise Squad helped heal the emotional pain by offering free rides to local blood banks. I am in awe of how Don and the team continue to put the community’s interests first before their own. This is what building bridges is all about, and I truly want to thank Don and Fox 5 for everything they have done — and are continuing to do for Las Vegas.

As the store owner of United Nissan, Don and his dealership team gave free rides to anyone wishing to donate blood. In fact, he and the team did not worry about selling cars, service or parts. They were focused and committed to helping the residents heal from the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. Don was also interviewed by Automotive News about the free rides. He said he and his team wanted to help the community right away, and that they empowered employees, customers and even kids to help with the blood donation drive.

Don Forman and other community partners continue to help Las Vegas in any way they can. From donations to Fox 5 Surprise Squad initiatives, they continue to help build a brighter future for local residents, schools, and families alike.


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