Do Introverts Need Friends?

By: Sean19891

People are often confused as to whether introversion or extroversion are mostly dependent on public involvement or avoidance. The truth is that there is much more to this concept. When we speak about introversion, we can’t overlook extroversion. To define one, we have to explain the other. Therefore, in this article, we will point out some examples of extroverts and some of the introverts. We will establish their peculiar behaviors and their needs, as well.

When you think of an introvert, mostly the idea you get in your mind is that of a person sitting in a corner, hidden in books, avoiding the outside world. That is not exactly how things are. An introvert could be as outgoing as the next person. It mostly has to do with their choice of activities and their words that distinguish them from other people. You will not meet an introvert who likes to make small talk, who fakes arguments with people at parties (if they even go to parties, and you will definitely not see them indulging in any activities that involve lots of people.

Introverts have this habit of making their own choices, their own decisions, and their own lifestyle. The reason behind this peculiar behavior is the fact that they have a deeply connected bond to themselves, and this comes when you spend a good amount of time with yourself, exploring your sides, understanding why you behave the way you behave.

The more you spend time with yourself, the more you realize how multi-dimensional your personality is. The more curious you get, the more you find means to settle your endless curiosity.

This is the point where we point out how an introvert needs a friend just as much as an extrovert does. We will also point out how an extrovert behaves in similar situations.

When a person with introverted tendencies seeks meaning within themselves, the core of their being gets lost in the multilayers within which they are coiled. The deeper they dig, the more lost they are. This is when they try to reach out to people they deem intelligent or smart enough to solve their problems. They may not always get satisfactory responses, but it does not change the fact that an introvert would want another person other than themselves to solve their problem — to be their friend.

Introverts usually make great friends, as they are highly selective and don’t wish to make insincere relations. They give all of themselves to the bonds they create. Compared to extroverts, they make fewer friends, friends who fulfill their needs just the same way as an extrovert would with twice the number of friends, or even thrice. It does not matter. The number of friends in both types is different, but the need is the same. We can say that it is about the quality, not the quantity.

Also, introverts and extroverts both have differences from the outward surface. Inherently, they share the same needs. It is just the expression that is different. Within their respective cores, there is very little that could divide them into different categories, which to be honest, is the beauty of human beings, that there lies a point of unity in their diversity of nature.

Likewise, if we consider how extroverts behave, we probably sketch a visual of a person at a party, casually making small talk with many people, behaving carelessly, jumping around, or constantly chatting loudly. This is just the impression we have of an extrovert. Then there is another side to it. No matter how fulfilling the view seems to you about extroverts, that is not where all their needs are met. Socializing is just a part of being an extrovert. One does not shy away from communicating randomly with random people. It is not usually their point of feeling personally contended – it could merely be one aspect of their nature that desires human interaction and connectivity without a logical reason. “Logical” may not be the right word here, but in this context, it means that they don’t need a certain reason to start a conversation with anyone like introverts does.

Introverts learn immensely from exploring themselves, as they spend most of their time alone, while extroverts look into people to gain the same learning from life. Both methods are different, but they stand together in the general context of life.

To conclude, it is not wrong to say that both categories of people yearn for genuine human interaction for the sake of learning, sharing, or merely communicating. It is only their expression that is different. And it is also not wrong to say that introverts do need friends like any other person. If you are an introvert and you see yourself nodding your head as you read this article, you may want to call up your limited number of friends to thank for the good times you have built with them. If you are an owner of the Spectrum phone, you know the joy of a good service that satisfies the needs of an introvert.



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