Coroplast Signs Has Become Every Business’s Weapon of Choice – Know Why

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Coroplast is a type of plastic cardboard which comprises corrugated plastic. It is an excellent choice for advertising and giving out general information to the public. Coroplast is visually is quite similar to corrugated cardboard and has a zig-zag plastic layer sandwiched between dual plastic sheeting layers that has a smooth texture. The layered structure of coroplast makes the corrugated plastic lightweight and also shock absorbent.


What Makes Coroplast an Ideal Choice for Signs?

Although there is no dearth in the availability of choices when it comes to long-term signs, the adaptability of Coroplast makes it the right pick for different short-term uses indoors as well as temporarily outdoors. Coroplast signs are affordable and offer a compelling visual presence. Some of its perks include it is lightweight, easy to handle and also useful in different situations. The innovative structure of coroplast allows it to blend both durability and strength with a compact, lightweight construction. Coroplast is a highly versatile product. You can apply vinyl graphics on it to convey your message to the customers. It can be cut to an array of sizes and utilized in myriad ways. People widely use coroplast as sign holders. Its rigid construction is what makes it durable for outside use even during winters.


Different Uses of Coroplast Signs

Signs made of coroplast have multiple uses namely,

  • Directional Signs- It will offer directions to events, sales and much more.
  • Service Companies- Placing coroplast signs on any job site can help to advertise services and products to passing traffic.
  • Campaigns- During elections campaign offices use it for candidate signs in an election.
  • Small Business Promotion- Business put it up outside for announcing specials, new employees or new services.
  • Garage Sales- You can place in high traffic intersections adjacent the garage sale.
  • Real Estate- Realtors use it as a banner for lease, open house, rent or house for sale.


Alluring Features of Coroplast Signs

Signs made of coroplast are distinguished by traits which make them ideal for temporary use outdoors. Such symptoms are,

  • Does not crack, tear or damage easily.
  • Can be cut easily to any design, shape or thickness.
  • It is rigid and flexible.
  • It is chemical resistant, waterproof and rustproof.
  • Can be lettered both on single and double sides.
  • It is highly versatile, and printing logos, photographs, and artwork are very easy.
  • It is lightweight, thin and hassle-free to hang or mount.
  • It is easy to install and easy to store.
  • It is cheaper than other alternative materials.


Why Use Coroplast Signs over Others?

Coroplast is the perfect blend of pliable, lightweight, affordable and durable. This unique combination makes signs made of coroplast incredibly versatile. People use it in every kind of display and project.

  • Durability- Signs made of coroplast is not invincible. It is not for forever display yet can take a good beating from the sun, the rain, and human handling before showing signs of aging. The best part is it is also impervious against damage from rodents and insects.
  • Affordable- It is the most accessible material available in the market for outdoor display. Cutting Coroplast is an inexpensive and straightforward process, and it does not demand any highly specialized tools.
  • Lightweight- To transport, distribute and display Coroplast is a process that is complication-free. There is no worry of a person losing a toe if it falls or of the wall collapsing.
  • Pliability- Coroplast is a material that is quite sturdy for lying flat via its own yet quite flexible in giving you an array of choices. Cut, staple, bend or punch holes for grommets – you can do anything.


A Brief on Its Lifespan

The lifespan of Coroplast just as any other material rests on the conditions that it rests on. When you display this sign outdoors under normal circumstances, it will last for a year before showing signs of discoloration or warping. Use matte finish lamination for extra protection, and it will also make the poster appear good for longer. This material will virtually last forever when you keep it indoors and will not show any signs of wear and tear.


Some Cool Characteristics

Below are some cooling characteristics that make signs made of coroplast different from others. Take a look,

  • Signs made of Coroplast comes with a ribbed surface which gives it that plastic cardboard appearance.
  • These signs are available both two-sided or one-sided.
  • These signs are available in a variety of thickness ranging from ½ to 3/16 thick.
  • These signs are waterproof.
  • Signs made of Coroplast are rust proof in nature.
  • For outdoor installation, these signs will last for a good number of years.
  • Its designs make it hassle-free to mount.


Ways in Displaying Coroplast Signs

Signs made of Coroplast is highly versatile and will provide you with an array of choices for hanging. Below are some common ways of displaying signs made of Coroplast.

  • Hooks– A standard way which you can view such signs hanging up will be with punctured holes within the sign. In fact, the sign’s proprietor will puncture holes in it to insert a zip tie, grommet or hook for hanging it out. You can utilize grommets to prevent tears as well as give it a refined look.
  • Wire Mounting Stakes- This is a classic sign which is printed on coroplast and mounted to the wire stakes and are hammered lightly into the earth.
  • A-Frame Signs- These signs are useful if you plan on displaying the sign on sidewalks at the time of business hours yet remove it after closing. Coroplast signs will provide you the chance to change the image from time to time. It will be an excellent choice if one’s business cycles via specials and sales.

One of the widely used material for an outdoor sign is easy to handle and lightweight, coroplast. It is incredibly durable as it is stain and water resistant. Besides, it will not rot, rust or corrode as that of wood or metal. These signs have multiple purposes and widely used for real-estate signs, yard signs, and political signs.


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