Conduct Google AdWords PPC Campaign Audit in 10 Minutes

By: Ajay Sharma

Monitoring PPC account performance can be the most time-consuming part of paid search management. With a little bit of effort, one can create auto-generated reports providing the detailed data ensuring performance is on the target. In addition, such PPC audit reports make users aware of performance issues in advance.

Following is the checklist for conducting a hassle-free 10-minute Google AdWords account audit –

#1 Conversion tracking data

The reliable PPC audit services ensure that conversion tracking is installed to have a clear understanding of cost per conversion. It is one of the essential metrics to evaluate the performance of a campaign. When outsourced to a third party, an audit provider looks at the data for the past thirty dates and determine if it tallies with the reports and other forms of communications.

#2 Essential campaign settings

It is integral to analyze campaign settings from time to time to ensure they are optimized. The advanced campaign settings comprise numerous features such as device, location, campaign name, budget, etc. For instance, it is important to separate geo areas while ensuring that the location is neither too generic nor specific. One needs to pay close attention to the daily budget or else he/she could end up losing conversions, impressions, and clicks.

#3 Improved campaign settings

The best white label PPC audit professionals know how to work with advanced campaign settings to ensure a campaign is optimized to deliver lucrative ROI. One needs to look at the settings for ad rotation and ad scheduling if he/she aligns with campaign goals.

#4 Better Ad group structure

When it comes to a search campaign, keywords should be organized into relevant ad groups. One needs to review the ad group structure to ensure that the campaign has a large number of ad groups. This allows greater and effective targeting. In other words, each ad group should have at least forty to fifty keywords and this where the skills, analytical expertise, and creativity of a professional PPC services expert lies in.

#5 Keyword analysis

Whether one is using PPC audit services or reviewing on his/her own should have an adequate amount of significant keywords. One must avoid the usage of generic ones as they will increase the budget without providing profitable conversions. One needs to review search terms to check which ones are eliciting the ads and make sure they have genuine relevance as it will be drained on ad spend.

#6 Comprehensive score analysis

One needs to review keyword quality scores by choosing ‘Keywords’, ‘Columns’, ‘Attribute’, and then ‘Qual. Score’. It is important to find out the quality scores of the best performing keyword depending on clicks and impressions. The best performing keywords should have a quality score of seven out of ten. The improved score will help ad appear higher on search engine sponsored rankings and facilitate users to pay for it than their competitor.

#7 Tracking the potential conversions

One needs to track all the possible conversions for better prospects. This can be done by tracking down the conversions using Google Analytics or utilize the native AdWords tracking code. The reputed white label PPC audit services help achieve desired conversion goals in no time.

Thus, AdWords is a platform which needs regular monitoring and analysis. If one does not have time to work on the account, hire someone who holds ample expertise in handling the account.


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