Cloud for Business

Cloud for Business: Why Should You Go For It?

By: Sunder Singh

It is the latest form of hosting that has gained in popularity in recent times. In this technology, the resources that are needed for maintaining the site are spread across a network of servers which work together and are termed as ‘the cloud.’ It significantly reduces the chances of significant downtime if a server malfunctions.


How Is It Different From Shared Hosting?

When you go for shared hosting, you are renting space in the web-server. But you are not alone on this server as there are hundreds of other sites which are there are on the same server. It is apparent that you will be sharing the resources like RAM, and CPU with other sites that are hosted on the server. But when you go for cloud hosting, it offers almost unlimited capability to handle the traffic spikes. In the cloud, your site is hosted not on one but on many servers which are connected to work as one. Your website is not dependent on only one server, so if it is not accessible, it will hardly have any effect on the performances of the site as there are other which will take its place.


Why Should You Go For It?

When you go for cloud hosting in India, it serves and stores the web-pages by making use of the cloud while making use of the cPanel. Here are key benefits of going with a cloud:


1. Instant Scaling

A key advantage of going with the cloud is that you get the instant scalability when you go with the cloud. You will be able to ramp-up and ramp-down almost instantly and effortlessly. So when your business grows, the website grows as well.


2. High Availability

You can take advantage of the automatic distribution of the mirrored data copies and fail-safe mechanisms to ensure that you never lose the data.


3. Faster Load Times

When you go for cloud hosting, the websites will load faster, and the low-density server makes sure that you get the best performance when you need it.


4. Easily Manage Website Traffic

When you go for web hosting from a reputed provider, you will get custom dashboards to help you analyze the website performance, whether it is static or dynamic.


The Features That You Should Look Forward To

When you go for cloud hosting in India from a reputed provider, you should pay attention to the following features:

  • Monthly Billing- You should be able to add resources in simple way and there should not be any fee towards it at the end of the month.
  • Managed Hosting- When you go for fully managed hosting, make sure that it is fully managed and that security patches, port access and any other issues are taken care of if they arise.
  • Dashboard- You should be able to monitor the performance of the site and various other parameters easily.



Choose the best provider for cloud hosting in India, and you will see the result as needed.


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