Broadband Internet versus Satellite Internet

By: nathinjohn

The hype about the internet isn’t going to die out anytime soon. We literally live and breathe internet every moment of our day. We desire to stay connected at all times, with strong ties, asking for greater speeds, less to no hiccups and accessibility that is reliable. The Internet is present in our schools, educating our kids and giving better options for creative and hands-on learning. It is what makes our businesses run so smoothly. It is making our world go round, connecting our devices for remote access and for our lives to become as easier as is possible in present situations. Our entertainment is solely dependent on the type of internet connection that we have; every file download or upload relies on its power and so we reach the crux of the matter. Which type of connection suits whom? Are they all the same? Why choose a wired broadband service and where? Is satellite internet the answer to your specific worries?

We are going to take a look inside what makes different options more or less suitable for variable consumers; helping the readers analyze and realize what their options are:

Difference between broadband and satellite

We first need to clear our minds about broadband and satellite as two different terms. In actuality, they’re simply two sides of the same coin; that coin being high-speed internet like at&t internet. Broadband is a broad term for fixed, DSL, cable, fiber and in some cases, wireless connection. Fixed, DSL and cable generally depend on the copper wires that are coming to your place through a telephone pole. Fiber works by transmitting data through light beams; the reason why the wires it uses are fiber optics. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, depending upon the individual needs of different customers. Satellite on the other hand simply depends upon satellite coverage that an ISP provides and requires the installation of a dish antenna to catch signals from outer space. Those signals relay to and from the ISP and travel back and forth between three connecting points. The first one being the ISP, second is the satellite revolving in space and third being your house.

Broadband internet pros

  • General broadband internet pros are quite a few. The connection is reliable and high speeds are available. The monetary value is great as well because you can have the connection up and running in as low as $50. With the entire craze about bundle deals and packages, you can get subsidized rates for your home as well as your phone connection. There is no need to invest in separate companies because one fits all solutions are on the rise. You only need to analyze and research your options and know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Pay for what you need; don’t be fooled and with so many possibilities, you don’t have to compromise.
  • Because phone lines are already present in most areas in any vicinity, you are more than likely to find one that will be suitable for your requirement. Whether it’s DSL or Fiber, we now have options for both in a lot of cities across the country and worldwide as well. This covers the availability concern pretty well.
  • The connection is dependable so if you’re looking to download a lot of data or are a gamer, working in a professional IT industry or in any other organization, you are bound to achieve the desired There are lesser delays, especially with fiber optics because of the quality of the internet. If you opt for a wireless broadband, your chances for less messy connectivity are brighter. Broadband companies are trying for services where there is no botheration in case of damages and response time is becoming better. Moreover, customer services are getting some serious improvements.

Satellite internet pros

  • Of all the amazing things that broadband can do, a satellite connection is sometimes the only option. With so many people living in rural areas or countryside, the only internet they do have is either dial-up or satellite. Moreover, in quite a few areas, the satellite is all that works. This is because there are no close telephone poles and lines; they even generate electricity with the help of fuel because of the great vastness. Broadband companies don’t install towers or lines because the end cost is not worth it.
  • The satellite directly connects through a dish antenna and so no other medium is required. Another plus is the coverage it provides. The connection will exist wherever there is the sky, which is everywhere so satellite is available in the most remote of locations. This gives it an edge over your usual broadband connection that is mostly limited to urban areas.
  • Contrary to popular belief, satellite internet can now provide fast broadband connectivity; speeds as high as 15 Mbps. Downloading or uploading files or other data sharing is not as impossible as some people might think. With all the advancements in technology, the equipment available is getting an upgrade as well. This also refers to the installation.

Having observed the best options that both are providing, you might as well have reached the same conclusion as we did. The best that we can do is to try to understand what’s out there. Innovation is the name of the game. Game-changing technologies are pouring in every day. Companies across the country are trying to give optimizable solutions to every problem. From individualistic plans to rates that suit most customers, the sky is the limit. Bad weather poses a threat to the satellite connection, as the signal quality may get quirky. But it’s the only connection that works everywhere, no questions asked. Even the movies hint at it if you remember the earlier “Jurassic Park” flicks. It may not be as stable as your broadband but it may save your life on a crazy expedition. Jokes apart, with all the options, wired broadband will always be the best choice for denser urban areas; until we get a better, universal solution.


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