Boost Your Business by Integrating Email Marketing into Instagram

By: Harris

Social media networking and emails are actually two different sides of a coin. Both are supposed to have immense individual worth, however, by integrating one into another, you could really do magic. One social media platform that is attracting the attention of every marketer is the Instagram. There are over 800 million active monthly Instagrammers. Instagram is certainly one of the hot favorite social media platforms today. So, it is definitely quite a good idea to boost your sales simply by mixing Instagram marketing directly with your email list.

We know that Instagram is a robust, powerful, and highly fascinating social networking site. Thanks to its ever-increasing popularity today, email marketers are exploiting the platform for yielding best results via Instagram marketing. Almost 50 percent of the businesses do not have a clue about how to drive sales and make impressive profits through Instagram.

The fundamental process is nothing but acquiring potential leads via Instagram marketing and gradually nurturing all those leads towards actual sales. Today, brands are pretty active on Instagram simply because this popular social networking site helps in boosting brand visibility and at the same time, get more leads that result in a boost in sales.

Instagram Profile Must Be Optimized for Getting Email Sign-ups

The first move toward optimization of Instagram-email marketing traffic is to incorporate a fool-proof email sign-up form effectively into your Instagram bio just in the space provided for a URL. These sign-up forms could be useful in collecting quality leads that could help boost your brands. You could seek assistance from reputed agencies and buy real Instagram likes if required to promote your brand.

Your email sign-up form must be designed in such a manner that it would be integrating smoothly on diverse platforms. Ensure that the form contains specific slots for capturing relevant details and information that could be helpful in knowing more facts relating to your Instagram leads.  Moreover, an in-depth study of leads could be helping you in understanding clearly certain key features about your leads such as buying patterns and overall consumer behavior.

You must also arrange to provide some attractive incentives to lure potential customers into filling in the e-mail form. Ensure the incentives you are offering are something attractive enough for your customers to really want them and you must be in a position to provide them with the promised incentives. You may consider promo codes, free downloads, contests, discounts, and even free product samples as they usually work fine.

Prepare Email Lists for Boosting Sales

Once you see that the sign-ups are starting to increase, you may consider sending deals and offers directly to the inboxes of your customers. As they have actually subscribed to specifically your emails through Instagram, they would obviously be looking for interactive and interesting content. You must understand your customers, know what all are relevant to them, keep them engaged, and most importantly, give them value. You may send offer emails and newsletters to your email subscribers as this could culminate in conversions.

High-Quality Relevant Content for Your Leads

You must appreciate and acknowledge the preferences of your leads. Find out what pages they are following, and learn about their interests, recent purchases, and location etc. Try to understand what the consumers are expecting from your brand. You must provide top quality, interactive, and relevant content.


You must get involved in meticulous research. You need to know about every aspect of all your new customers very right from the beginning. You need to focus on gender, location interests, buying history, recent purchases, and patterns. Even though converting and making a sale are your ultimate objectives, you must also ensure that the leads are getting a really good experience.


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