Big Data – Shaping the Future of Mobile App Development

By: junedghanchi

Technology and human brain together have always created wonders. Whether it is about creating space shuttles or developing the best mobile app, both have had a major impact. The ever-changing technologies have challenged the human mind once again.

The usage of mobile devices has reached a greater extent today. They have become an inseparable part of everyone’s life. Today, mobile devices have become a necessity. Almost all the activities involve the mobile interactions. Even businesses have developed their own mobile strategies. The amount of data consumed by businesses has helped them grow powerfully. With this, the Mobile app development has increased. The urge to create better apps has increased.

However, the amount of data consumed by the users across the world is around zillions of bytes. It is almost impossible to process and analyze such data. With the new technologies such as Data Analysis, creating big data based mobile apps have resolved these issues.

Understanding Big Data

Big data can provide a detailed rendition of the user experience. It is big in every sense. It is just simply larger than life. The amount of digital data that users produce has exceeded than the calculative one. It is surpassing the numbers, literally. Large data surveys predict that the range of information stored worldwide will reach yottabyte level in the near future.

Also, the data in every format – structured or unstructured is too huge to calculate. Thus, it requires high-level of analytics to deal with these enormous chunks of data. But refining and reusing this information is truly worthwhile. Big data helps in producing valuable information. It helps to maximize the potential of the already existing mobile apps. It redefines the apps with an innovative purpose.

Relation between Mobile App Development and Big Data

When we talk about the success of the mobile app development, big data comes in a larger picture. It has the analytical potential that provides powerful insights. This helps the mobile app developers and the marketers to make successful mobile applications. Thus, big data and Mobile app development complement each other.

Several statistics show how the emerging data analytics impacts the mobile app ecosystem. Analytics supports the ever-growing volumes of data. Mobile app developers require a wide range of information from a variety of sources. They then use the analytics and big data tools to refine and use this data. Furthermore, this can prove helpful in the development of new apps as well. Developers can properly analyze the big data behind the most trending apps. They can study the details and can find useful ways to create different apps as per user needs. Thus, the app developers manage this digitally growing data. It adds fuel to the applications of various fields such as games, health, finance, etc. It boosts the experience of the real-time applications, making it better.

Thus, the impact of big data on the growth of mobile app development is immense.

Big Data as Crucial Aspect of Future App

The world is getting digitally powerful and economical. Mobile apps have replaced the desktop apps. They are comparatively easy to use and are portable. They are simple and have rich features that attract more users. Thus, more of the users have already shown interest because of these special features. Analysis of the big data is the most efficient way to collectively obtain information. It is a huge investment for businesses. Thus, more users are shifting towards the smartphones and tablets. The zillions of data that customers use every day have helped businesses to earn a huge amount. Users consume the mobile apps for personal needs and business demands.

The development of big data based mobile apps requires a comprehensive analysis of the user’s experience. Big data examines every element of how users behave with the data and how they interact. This gives a clear picture of the user’s experience. Then, analyzing their behavior gives a clear idea of what are the needs and expectations of users have in regards to that app.

It is sure that in the near future, the market for mobile apps is going to break the records. Researchers predict that by the year 2020, the market will reach around $189 billion. The future lies in developing the best mobile apps for the digital technology. Therefore, if you are thinking of investing in the mobile app development market, you are sure to expect better returns.

Thus, Big data is very crucial in the development of the future mobile apps. The Big data professionals are discovering new techniques to frame the huge amount of unstructured data. This helps to find out more features that developers can add to the existing apps. This helps the app developers to create the new apps with valuable features. Also, this makes the future of mobile apps safe and compelling. The combined effect will provide the ideal user experience too.

Hence, there is no doubt in saying that big data has already proved a benchmark in the history of mobile app development. Also, there is no denying that it is going to reshape the world of mobile app development.


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