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By: karen

For a trader, the turnover matters a lot. In the field of stock trading, one needs to be little sharp and sure while hitting the trade. There are some primary conditions that one needs to fulfil. One needs to have a trading account for day trading, and it can be opened with any of the stockbrokers in the market. There are some of the known brokers in the market with whom one can get trading, and a demat account opened. For this the client first needs to decide what type of trading he wants to go for and how will it be helpful to him.

The trading account

In the stock market, there are two types of trading accounts which are known as offline trading account and online trading account. Here one must remember that the trading account is for the trading only while the demat account is for holding the shares bought for a long term. Numerous stock brokers in India offer the services of account opening in both the segments. The client needs to fill an application form for the trading and demat account opening. He needs to offer personal details and documents in the proof of these details. There are many brokers in the market,and hence one needs to check the prices, brokerage charges, services and many other things before selecting any service provider for the opening of this account.

One needs to submit the documents such as an identity proof address proof and cancelled cheque for the linking of account to the bank account so that the movement of the fund can be easy. For the trading, there are two types of accounts available to a trader. They are offline account and an online one. Both the accounts have different pros and cons. Hence one needs to choose an account as per own situation.

The offline account

It is for one who needs to have a helping hand in carrying out the trades. Here the client is provided with support of a terminal operator whom client can call and ask for the transaction. He follows the instructions of the client and places the orders accordingly. Not only that, he also informs the client about his position at the day end if the client wants to check. If the client wants to know the rates of the specific company he can inform the same. This account is beneficial for the clients who are busy in business or job as well as education during the market hours.

The online account

This account is one which the client himself needs to operate. He is not provided with the help of any person. He is provided with only user ID and password with the help of which he can log on the site. The client here needs to place the order himself and also monitor the prices himself only. He needs to have a computer or a smartphone to place the order and check the market position at regular interval.


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