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Best Server Tools Recommended by Laravel Community

By: Rakesh Patel

What is a server tool? As the name implies, the tool features an open attribution that helps in performing crucial actions over coding and project implementations. The tool must facilitate easy hosting and review of code standards alongside project management. After all, it’s all about helping developers band together seamlessly in the process of building a software. Server tools are very much a part of software development procedure. Therefore, professional mostly emphasize on choosing a server tool that goes hand in hand with the actual framework.

Well, choosing a server tool for Laravel is no different. Here, in the following post I have listed down the most commonly Laravel server tools across the globe, in no particular order.


The source code management you get with GitHub is pretty tight and good! To start off with, it’s very simple to learn and operate. The interoperability of GitHub with open source projects is probably another good reason for its overwhelming popularity. I personally love GitHub as it offers developers a great control in tracking the code revisions done.


A distributed version control system focused on creating the space for improved collaboration. The tool, in particular, allows a developer to construct deeper integration inside the actual products UI. Also with extensive tooling options, it encourages developers to carry out multiple activities within itself, thereby nullifying context-switching over between tools. Bitbucket encourages developers to carry out multiple activities within itself, thereby nullifying context-switching over between tools. Also, with Bitbucket, there isn’t any need for CI server initiation nor synchronization of repositories.


With DigitalOcean, the requisite of deploying and scaling web applications becomes very much simpler. The community support you get with them is top-notch as its pages are being updated at regular intervals. Most of the laravel development companies benefit largely from the boatload of tutorials available along with countless community projects.

Laravel Forge

Yes! You know it already! The product has already been developed by Laravel themselves in order to provide a trouble-free server management experience. Because of the tool, the developers are able to focus more on the developmental attributes by effectively dealing with deployment and hosting requirements. Forge is such a tool that creates a customized work-flow allowing developers to stay in the thick of the action always!

So that’s all for now! All the aforementioned tools are what been used widely by the developer’s community. I would simply conclude by saying everything depends on the developer to choose a tool that helps them stay at their efficient best. And of course, it will take time to learn a tool better, but then again, the time investment should be worthwhile.


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