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Best Finance Management Apps for Casual Use

By: nathinjohn

Whoever said that ‘money makes the world go round’ certainly meant a lot more but kept their message simple. When it comes to handling affairs related to your home expenses and business investments, managing funds really isn’t like a snobbish child who you could simply send to their room. It’s a pretty serious business and there is no wonder that major corporations seek the service of experienced fund managers who end up earning around $104K and more during a year in the USA. Turning the heat down a bit, and it is only a matter of realization where everyone needs to know the importance of managing finance. There is much truth to the statement that people don’t plan to fail but fail to plan, and when it comes to financing the essence lies in strategy development and its enactment down to the very core. It is what can make you win major rewards or lose ultimately the fight altogether.

For the purpose of making the unforeseen catastrophe to never hit the majority of us regardless of age, gender, race, and ethnicity, we have compiled some of the best financial management apps which all of us can use to start on our journey towards better strategy on how to spend, save, and invest our money. Who knows within a couple tries, the brilliance in you might awaken and you are already there with the pros in the filed managing your funds like a champ. So let’s get started and turn our coals into golds:


There is a great gamble that you must have already heard about this absolutely amazing app from somewhere else before too, however, regardless of how many times we appraise for its outstanding format and ease of use, nothing compares to it. Though the app is free and offers you remarkable understandings regarding your own budget control and monitoring, even going as far as managing your credit score, the tool is only as useful as the user. The app has everything you would like to have in a financial management app, but it’s all about how keen you are in catering to your financial needs and how far you can commit to following the path it shows, victory guaranteed for you and all exclusive.


Available for both iPhone and Android users, it centers on monitoring and controlling your expenses. The idea which works as the epicenter for all that this great app can do for you revolves around balancing your cash flows and meeting set targets. It also delivers surprising insights regarding your past spending behaviors and offers you a comparison of where you stand in terms of financial prosperity as to what used to be your esteem in the past. Though the location-based services are an added advantage to get your current location to be easily pinpointed, this may require you to have high-speed internet services for connectivity such as from service providers like ‘CenturyLink’. The app is great for beginners and almost too good to let it pass the next time you come across it on iTunes or Play Store.


You might have guessed so far that each app we have shared with you offers you a central core which directs to your financial wellbeing, while the previous two included an all-star and one focused on complementing inflows with outflows, Acorn offers you advice to save and then invest your funds to grow bigger with time. Acorns is an investment focused application and while we recommend to start off with the aforementioned ones before jumping to this particular one, however, if you are solely considering investment opportunities then this the go-to app for you. Works for some, might not work for many.

Financial Calculators

Sounds pretty layman and lame to most, but it is anything but ordinary. Financial calculators though isn’t a free app, but it gets the job done for you and that is why they charge you your dime for it. A complete package including retirement benefits, stock exchange, auto loans, home mortgage, you name it and it has it. Comprehensively slick and with more functions than you can count, it is indeed a beauty to withhold on its own. Nothing makes you a complete master of your destiny than this little darling though as we mentioned before, the lunch isn’t free here.

We hope that this post has offered you some advice regarding the sincere commitment everyone should have regarding the management of their financial standings. We recommend to use the first two simultaneously and then switching on to more directed and professional applications to manage your funds. However, it is to be noted that these apps can deliver only as much as you ask of them, the emphasis here on lies how willing you are to take matters seriously. After all, a plan is only as good as long you follow it to the very end.


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