Transactional SMS

All You Want To Know About Transactional SMS And Its Rising Importance

By: Supriya Gupta

Transactional SMS is a type of SMS service which helps in sending a text message to a large number of people at the same time. These type of SMS usually contain information related messages which help in letting your customers know information about what is necessary for them to know. Transactional SMS facilities provide a user access to send multiple customers a text which helps them in gaining information about a particular topic or about the things which are important to them.

There is not only just one industry using this type of SMS services but they are used by various different sectors such as banking, tours and travels, insurance, hotel industries, e-commerce industries, hospitals etc. This facility allows the companies to provide alert messages to their customers. Transactional SMS do not carry any promotional messages. It does not carry any messages related to the promotion of any services or products provided by any company. These SMS alerts help the companies to alert its various customers at the same time. This SMS option is a choice of various companies because it is a relatively affordable option as it connects the companies to its customers at the same time and does not feel heavy on the pockets. If you wish to use this services you can find yourself a bulk SMS reseller, who as the name suggests, tends to provide bulk SMS services. They buy SMS and resell them to its customers.

There are a lot of benefits of transactional SMS service which is why it is used by various different sectors to provide information to its customers. Few of the benefits of the transactional SMS services are as follows:

Fast Delivery

These SMS facilities provide you with the facility of being connected to your customers quickly and provide the information which is necessary for them.

Essential Tool for Alerts

It is a tool for providing time to time alerts. For eg, if this service is being used by a travel agency, it helps in providing the customers with alerts about the arrival and departure about their flight, train or bus.

Allows access to DND customers

Using this SMS service allows a company to get connected and get access to DND mobile numbers. Even if the customer has activated the DND function, they will still receive these type of message alerts from you.


It is Template based

These type of messages are template based, which means that they are already in a certain format, which can later be changed as per the need of the company and the message they want to send to its customers. All that is required with this feature is to take an approval of an SMS service provider.

It is very easy to use transactional SMS service, all you need is find yourself a bulk SMS provider, who will ensure providing you with bulk SMS which can be used by you later for sending alerts to your customers.


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