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All You need to Know about Pre-Workout Supplements

By: Sunder Singh

Are you working out and still not losing weight? Or probably your recovery process is slow? Then, for sure there is something wrong with the pattern.

There are people who have been working out from almost a year, but it has not been so effective. Have you ever wondered why?  Well, the fact is that most of the people are not taking proper care of their pre-workout meals.

India is a country where people focus on three major meals namely, the breakfast, lunch and the dinner, but most of the people who go for their workout tend to miss their most important pre workout and post workout meals.

Workout does not exemplify that heavy workout at gym, rather workout involves walking, jogging, and other gym lifts. People working out in the gyms are often advised to take supplements, the moment they hit the gym. Moreover, if you are looking for pre workout supplement in India then it is completely fine, but is that enough? Get your facts crystal clear through this webcast!



When: – Pre-Workout and Post-Workout


  • Carbohydrates refuel the muscles by getting stored in the body in the form of glycogen. During the work-out sessions, the stored glycogen is used by the body to release energy. The carbohydrates taken before the workout must be simple foods like the fruits and juices. Moreover, it is always better to consult your health coach before selecting the pre-workout carbohydrates quantity.


#2. Proteins (Amino Acids)

When: – Pre-Workout (However, it is optional for pre-workout) and Post-Workout


  • Here comes the BCAA blend of the proteins. BCAA stands for branched chain amino acids. BCAA comprises of 3 amino acids namely, leucine, valine and isoleucine. You might be wondering, why only these 3 amino acids? It is because these 3 amino acids are responsible for the digestion, repairing of body tissues, and for growth and body building. BCAA blend is for people who are looking to build their muscles.


#3. Caffeine

When: – Pre- Workout


  • It is preferable to take the caffeine supplement for your pre-workout, if you don’t want tiresome sessions. Caffeine helps in enhancing the endurance power during the workout sessions. But you need to be careful before taking the caffeine supplement because its overdose might cause nausea or nervousness. Moreover, if you are suffering from caffeine sensitivity, you can avoid this.


#4. Vitamin C

When: – Pre-Workout and Post-Workout


  • Vitamin C helps in dealing with the stress which could be a tiresome workout as well. Since Vitamin C is an oxidizing agent, it helps in dealing with the metabolic stress. Moreover, it also helps in strengthening your immune system during a strenuous workout.

The bottom line is that first ne should have all the fundamentals at the first place, and then only the pre-workout supplement would make sense. A well-designed pre-workout supplement can help you get more out of your workouts .


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