Does Agile App Development Has A Bright Future?

By: Muhammad Farhan

Dynamic software is in high demand in application development to benefit retailers and marketers. As technology evolves and progresses, a lot more versatile software for all types of industries is designed and developed to augment results in business.

There is an app for everything in market now. App development companies have not really left anything that cannot be done through powerful software on your smartphone. Digital gadgets are what people carry around with them more than anything else, which automatically makes software a permanent part of our personal and commercial lives. Users need not switch on their televisions anymore to catch on news or weather updates. Navigating through the cities has never been easier, thanks to maps and GPS.

Writing great software takes time, a lot of time. There are no shortcuts and no one has really been able to determine the secret to writing awesome software quickly without losing the quality.

The very basic problems with software development industry are not often satisfied even through new development methods. However we see a huge change coming our way as more and more app development companies are realising that the old school method of app development is no longer viable in this day and age.

Agile software development is quickly being embraced as the new best potential solution today and transformed into a mainstream method of software development as Microsoft indulges in improving agile methodology support in TFS along with iterative development on its host of products. As a dynamic competitor, IBM also launched its Jazz agile platform to secure its share of the market. Even with its improved features a number of app developers and companies are still questioning the versatility of this method to enhance app development process and the outcomes.

As far as the results of agile app development are concerned until now, they do not seem satisfying considering the extent of problems in software development. The software development speed is still slower than anticipated, the issues with numerous of them are still there. Skype does not perform well ever since under the purview of Microsoft, iOS issues have become a lot more commonplace.

Agile software development

Software development has its issues but it’s about doing the right things when it comes to solving specific development problems, that’s the ultimate goal.

The app stores are filled with crappy software that no one really needs. It’s not about developing just anything but actually the right software that would impress users with its first release. But it does not stop there. The right things should be done the right way and not otherwise, that is equally important.

The task is only half complete if you do the right thing because doing thing the wrong way could bring in more trouble as the entire project would lose meaning. Poorly written software could be frustratingly ambiguous as users could not figure out what is going on. It claims being dynamic and useful but a closer look reveals loopholes and dysfunctional parts. You can sell such software only through clever marketing with the right push to ignorant users.

This could happen to anyone with no prior experience with poor software but once the users see it, they will think twice before downloading an app again from the same developer. Another issue with software development is the speed where it seems to lag behind user demands. Software keeps getting complex but the speed does not seem to improve at all.

The agile software development process is displayed in a short-term evolution chart where 2 primary trends are revealed: speed and scale.

Software developers need to have proper skills to do the right things the right way quickly in any scale. Choosing not to do the right thing could lead to the huge task of redoing the entire project and if the right thing is done the wrong way, developers would have to choose re-do before moving to the next step and by speed we mean the time taken to do the right thing the right way that is solving users’ problems quickly and efficiently.


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