A Guide to the importance of Search Engine Optimisation in the world of business

By: alexander

The world today runs on the internet. It is as essential as the basics of human survival- food, clothes, and shelter. You have all the information you require right at your fingertips. Want to know the weather in Brisbane? Google Weather is here to help you. Want to know what the ‘Burning Man’ festival is about? Wikipedia will help you. Need groceries urgently? Online grocery stores can get you all your groceries right at your doorstep. Need to travel from Adelaide to Gold Coast? Google Maps can take you places. This is the internet for you. Type what you are looking for, and there you are. Multiple search results generated by search engines in a fraction of second.

An essential part of the existence of one and all is an online presence. If search engines display your webpage when the keywords that represent your content are being typed, that indicates the value that your content has earned. Let’s have a look at a few fundamental questions to ask yourself if you own a website.

  • Does your website show up in search engines?
  • What is the quality of your content?
  • Can your content be accessed across all mobile devices?
  • Is your website secure enough?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is about earning search engine rankings by natural or organic means. An SEO expert or professional can help in guiding you throughout to ensure that your content gets the kind of visibility it deserves. Joel House Search Media with its expertise and unique approach has helped a lot of small-scale businesses achieve their SEO targets.

The importance of SEO is immense and encompasses multiple aspects. However, in this article, we try to highlight its importance in the field of business. Note below.

SEO for branding and visibility

A set of keywords can represent every brand or business. Keywords are basically the key to access your content. Generally, searchers type a keyword and search edits the keyword and searches again, and the process goes on. If your site constantly appears for the similar keywords every time they are edited, then that indicates the strength of your brand. A searcher may not visit your website in the first go. But if the engine is displaying your site constantly then, the searcher is bound to open that page. Appearance in search results is in itself a statement that your brand is strong and has an excellent online presence as well as acceptance.

SEO for bringing traffic to your site

Although appearance in the search results doesn’t guarantee conversion of visitors into customers, it does indicate a high probability that people who find your site through search engines will convert. Your website appeared in the search results only because keywords relevant to your business were searched for, which means the searcher was in the lookout for a product or service similar to what your business has to offer. Hence bringing traffic to the website is the first step for anything material to follow. SEO leads to search engine rankings which in turn leads to increased traffic to your site.

SEO for credibility

Would you open a site displayed on the first page or the one displayed on the third page of search engine results? The answer is simple. It is said that the dead are buried on the second page of google. If your site is displayed on the first page, it acts as a confidence booster for the users. Higher your rank, higher is the user’s confidence in your brand. SEO establishes the credibility and trustworthiness of a business.

SEO for marketing

SEO gives the scope for digital marketing, internet marketing, social media marketing, and online marketing. If the keywords relevant to your business displays your business in search engine results, that in itself is a kind of marketing. Marketing is majorly about making your brand more and more visible. SEO gives that visibility to your business. A substantial social media presence leads to increased SEO which in turn leads to enhanced brand awareness in the social media circle. The concept of Pay-Per-Click advertising is another popular method of brand promotion.

SEO for customer insights

Google analytics is a tool that can track various information about the traffic to your site. The number of visitors, how they search, what they searched, which pages of the website they spent the most time on, location of the visitors, the language used, the part of the world they belong to, frequency or repetition of visits, part of the day or week that users are most active, etc. Such immense data can be crucial for businesses of any type for setting up strategies both online and offline.

E-commerce survives on SEO

This is the era of virtual businesses. Certain businesses have an only online presence. No physical location, no physical offices. Search engines are the gateway to these businesses. They provide the entry to these businesses to the users and searchers. A study revealed that 75% of searchers never open the second page of search results. If you appear on the second page, people may never get to know about your e-commerce business unless otherwise, you adopt other means of creating brand awareness. Hence, zero SEO would imply zero online visibility.

SEO as a tool to beat the competition

Two businesses with similar products and services, and similar other parameters, can get differentiated on the basis of how well their respective websites have been optimized. Better the SEO, more competitive your business gets. With increased visibility, enhanced brand awareness, extensive marketing, and the establishment of credibility, a brand will undoubtedly beat its competitors efficiently.

If your site is not showing up in search engines, it may be because of any of the following reasons. Assess them for claiming the online presence that you deserve.

  • Other sites may not be connected to yours.
  • You have newly launched this site.
  • Your website design may not allow search engines to crawl the data.
  • Your policy might be blocking search engines from access, or they received an error when trying to crawl.

Therefore, it is crucial for your business to have an online presence in today’s world.


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