8 Tips on Using Instagram to Market Your Online Business

8 Tips on Using Instagram to Market Your Online Business

By: usmanraza5025

In the beginning, Instagram was used for photo-sharing among friends. It was not used to promote businesses or electronic commerce sites. Today, businesses, especially retailers, are using Instagram in a big way. If you haven’t signed up for Instagram and would like to try it for your online business, here are some ways to take advantage of the powerful social medium

#1. Put effort into recruiting followers. As with most social media sites, Instagram benefits the companies who have a large reach. Make sure that people see your posts by becoming your followers. You can grab followers by sponsoring a promo that requires them to follow you, or you can make your post interactive so that it appears on the activity feed of the network of the people who follow you. Once you get a good base, you can now entice more people with good content.

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#2. Use the app. To increase awareness about your website or landing page, you should delve into the functions of the Instagram application for your tablet, smartphone, and laptop. For example, if your followers say something worthy, you will want to repost that article on your feed and elsewhere. When you take advantage of the creative and new business ideas, you get people to share your posts. This builds your brand awareness. Similarly, if you get a good feedback on your products from one of your patrons, you can share this also.


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#3. Use other sites. Social media work best when you cross-reference your posts. Therefore, if you share something on Instagram, you’ll also want to share on Facebook and LinkedIn. Just remember that different sites have different audiences. You’ll want to adjust for that when you post. You can work with bloggers to post your information or a link.


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#4. Track your success. Like everything in business, you have to know if something is working. Tracking the success of Instagram is no different. You have your choice of comprehensive and user-friendly applications to help you see your consumer growth and whether it’s related to Instagram posting. You will learn which posts generated the most response, most views and the most shares. These are important to gauge how well you are doing.

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#5. Load your photos with emotion. Instagram followers like when companies use photography in its purest art form. Companies that pour out the emotions in the photos with their products are unlocking the visual power of the medium. Customers are flocking to those sites to purchase the products. For example, Nike, which showed people skateboarding with their sneakers, and Starbucks, which showed two people clinking Frappuccinos in a toast were top sellers on Instagram.




#6. Hashtags are here to stay. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram doesn’t allow links in descriptions and comments. You can put them in your profile. To counter this drawback, Instagram recommends hashtags. You will want to use hashtags to link Instagram followers to your company’s larger marketing strategy. You can gain followers and reach a larger audience by embracing hashtags. You also can use them to act as a connection between consumer and product. Hashtags have the power to aggregate photos submitted as part of a campaign, which eventually convinces customers to buy from you.



#7. Give purchasing power. Make sure you answer those people who post a photo using your branded hashtag or by tagging your brand. The idea is to build the relationships between consumer and product, but you want to ask them subtly to buy the product.



#8. Let regular people be the stars. If you regularly use models in your print advertising, let them have a week off while you post with regular people. These photos are more powerful and emotional. They also show how your products are being used in everyday life. This sends a strong message to the consumer.


With quite 100 million users Associate in Nursing and virtually infinite range of online business ideas, one obtrusive reality is that Instagram is one platform that holds plenty of potential for your business. flip this potential into Associate in Nursing actual advantage by making an officer account for your business as before long as you’ll be able to. don’t forget the rules we have a tendency to simply mentioned!


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Usman Raza is a freelance writer, marketing specialist at snoringaids.com and co-founder of UsmanDigitalMedia.com. When not working, he’s probably spending time with his family. Follow him on Facebook @usmanraza40 and Twitter @usmanintrotech.


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