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8 Things To Know About Cloud Hosting

By: Sunder Singh

With every passing year more and more site owners are opting for cloud hosting. They are realizing the fact that they can save a lot by going for it. But finding the right cloud hosting provider may be very tricky. Even before you reach out to the cloud hosting providers you will have to keep these things well in mind:

1- The Hardware Provided

Once you start contacting the hosting services provider, you will have to make comparison of the hardware that they are providing. Just try to find what kinds of servers are provided by them. Are they new and how frequently they are upgraded? You might have to work closely with the hosting provider to make sure that all your requirements are properly met.

2- Scalability

Your website is sure to have spikes in traffic from time to time. So the hosting should enable you to launch new initiatives and welcome high traffic levels during the peak times of the year. So a pricing model that allows you to scale back easily or ramp up when need is what is required the most.

3- Compliance & Security

While the hosting servers may be located in any part of the world, what you have to make sure that all the data is completely secure and compliances are met. Most of the businesses are audited regularly and 4-any non-compliance may result in fine. If there is a data breach the businesses may be impacted severely causing loss of customers. So if you are looking for a cloud hosting provider then you have to find one that offers complete security and helps meet the compliance as well.

5- Admin Panel

You will want to manage the hosting and that is why admin panel is required. It allows complete control on hosting which allows installing the applications and removal as well. In fact if you have an IT department to manage your hosting they will be using this panel to get the access.

6- Technical Support

Another important thing that you have to pay special attention is the technical support. To this end your technical team should be able to speak to the hosting providers’ team round the clock. And while you are looking for the hosting providers you will have to find out those providers that offer this kind of support.

7- Backup & Disaster Recovery

Natural calamities can strike any time, and cloud hosting provider’s data centers are exposed to this risk. So you have to be clear about the hosting providers’ disaster recovery and backup plans. How often the back-ups are taken and when and how soon can you access them in case of the disasters.

8- Expertise

Before you go to a cloud hosting provider, you will have to make sure that he is a reputed one. A good reputation is the sign of expertise.

In The End

These are some of the factors that matter the most, but the most critical factor is the cost so before you decide to make a comparison of the cost as well.


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