7 Ways You Can Easily Make Money While Traveling

By: Sean19891

The world is a wondrous place filled with natural beauty. It calls out to you every once in a while, inspiring you to step out of your robotic routine and plunge right into a freshwater spring. Letting the coolness of the waves wash over you and wash away the stress build-up. Nothing sounds more pleasant than that to an overworked individual.

Traveling is truly an enriching experience. But, there’s a slight catch to it.

It can get expensive and topple your budget over.

What can you do about it? Easy.

Make money as you undertake your journeys from one place to another. This will satisfy your adventurous spirit AND give you a handy supply of cash to fund your trips. Following are some of the best ways to earn bucks while traveling. Give them a read and continue living at the top of the world. Travel indefinitely.


If you’re really good at expressing yourself through different mediums and have got it in you to become an influencer, then you can definitely monetize that. For instance, you can start your own travel blog, like Lia and Jeremy from ‘Practical Wanderlust’, and like them, earn around $22,000 in the first year. Incorporate some of the best SEO tactics, earn via ad revenue and give your blog an extra edge with some awesome photography. It’s as easy as that.

However, if words do not come easily to you, then you can go for a vlog, like most YouTubers, recording your travels in the form of videos and posting them on famous social media channels. Believe it or not, once the online users get hooked to your blog/vlog, the money will definitely start rolling in.

Tour Escorting

Have you got an awesome geographical knowledge and smashing communication skills, then why not become a tour guide? It’s an interesting job which comes with many benefits. You get to travel all around the world and make money out the journey itself. Cool, right?


Two words: Skills sell. You can definitely earn some money by teaching your skills to the locals you come across on your travels. Whether you’re a musical maestro or a traditional dancer, a yogi or an expert surfer, you can teach these talents for a fee to the interested, indigenous folk. Just put up some ads online in the local classified or pin signs around the popular areas, and see what response you get.

Teaching English to the non-English speaking communities is another great way to earn some bucks. Especially Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, and Thailand tend to recruit native speakers of this global language for teaching purposes and pay around $2256.25 per month! You can live handsomely on this. Trust me.


By 2020, it is estimated that around 43% of the US workforce will be freelancers. Presently, the number is ever on the rise. People love working remotely and not being bound by physical restrictions. They prefer flexible policies, as are offered by sites like Freelancer, Upwork, and Toptal etc. Once you become a freelancer, you can work from anywhere, even while you’re on your travels. Just make a classy profile on a workable site using a stable connection, like the one offered in Time Warner internet packages. Choose your niche, set a price, and start working on your projects as they come along.


Hospitality services of the most visited destinations worldwide tend to seek out extra help during the peak season. You can take advantage of this temporary employment to sustain yourself financially while traveling. You can:

  • Work on a yacht, sailboat or a cruise.
  • Work in a hostel/hotel as a receptionist or a part of the cleaning crew etc.
  • Work as a waiter or a chef in a restaurant.
  • Work as a bartender in a pub or a club.
  • Work as a fruit-picker, especially when you go to countries like Australia.
  • Work at a spa or a massage center.

The list goes on. But it is a tried and tested way of making money on your travels.


If you’ve got a flair for acting and happen to be in Mumbai of all the places, then you’re in luck. This heart of the Bollywood industry is always thriving, giving out audition announcements and listing posts for extras on the set. You can indulge in this scene, show the producers your talent and be a part of the silver screen. Won’t that be a thrilling ride? Apart from this, Kenya is also always up for hiring individuals for their entertainment industry. Broadway and theatre are an option too if you’re inclined towards it.


Found something extraordinary in the Bahamas? You can totally set up a website or a social media page online, and resell the souvenirs you think people will pay a handful of bucks for. Other than this, if you’re adept at arts and crafts, you can sell your handmade products online to the interested parties, provided that you do an effective marketing. Apart from goods, you can sell your services too, like for $5 on Fiverr. All of this while traveling.

So, the next time you’re on the move, do give the aforementioned money-generating ways a try.


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