Simple SEO Strategies

7 Simple SEO Strategies You May Have Forgotten

By: Sunder Singh

You may be overlooking some simple SEO strategies that can easily increase traffic to your site. These strategies are not a quick fix or shortcuts, no! They will need you to work on your site, and optimize it where necessary.

One simple strategy can is ensuring your work and data is backed up. You can do this by employing a MySQL online backup strategy, where your site database will be securely backed up online. You always use these strategy, right?

Below is a list of 7 basic strategies that you might have forgotten. Surprisingly, they all boil down to the human psychology.


1. Be empathetic

Create a killer user experience. Let the user have that ease when going through your site. User experience (UX) refers to a person’s emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system or service. Let your site resonate with the above. Some of the questions you can ask yourself are;

  • How fast do the web pages load?
  • How quick are you to answer customer questions?
  • How easy is it to navigate your website?
  • Any call to action?

Getting answers to these questions will help you build a site that resonates with the user’s expectations


2. Looking for links? Build genuine relationships!

Building links to your site prompts Google to rank you better than your competitors. The more quality links your site has, the more genuine your site will appear to Google. A point to note is that search engines do not tolerate ‘Spammy’ links. if you go ahead and use them, your site will automatically be de-indexed.

To build these genuine relationships join online blogging forums and discussion groups in your niche, and you will certainly get more quality links than you need.

SEO link building tips

3. More Content please! this can’t be emphasize more

Your users need more content, this is what drives them to your site. An outdated website is a turnoff to anybody out there. Strive to continually provide your users with quality kick-ass content. You will be amazed at how your traffic will skyrocket.

Many experts will argue that too much content is fluff. One side of it is true based on quality, while on the other side, it is false. The more you post, the more you attract people and the more backlinks you get.


4. Choose the right words

You can have more content, but if it does not mirror what the user is looking for, well, your click-through and SEO will be adversely affected. Choosing the right words means strategically organizing your words in such a way that they easily lead to more engagements and conversions.

Let your call to action be more persuasive and your headlines and subheadings catchy. This will help you rank well in SERPs and also lead to more click-through and conversions.


5. Title tags

After content, title tags are the next important elements. They are the elements that appear when you search for a phrase or word. They create the first impression about your site even before someone clicks through.


The following tips will help you come up with persuasive title tags.

  • Let your keyword appear at the front. It is helpful to the users and also for search engines, as both search for keywords.
  • Avoid stuffing your tittle tag with keywords.
  • Avoid using automatically generated title tags as those generated by WordPress. Tweak it a bit and optimize it based on your content and end user.
  • You are writing for humans not machines. Use friendly language that will lead to unmatched user experience.

Give tittle tags the attention they deserve.


6. Analyze content before uploading

Do thorough analysis on your content before uploading. Check for grammatical errors and any plagiarism. This will avoid user irritation and also constant penalties from Google. Also keep a checklist that will keep you glued to the basics of your content. You can decide to keep a task template that can guide you in which tasks to undertake at a given time.


7. Create a keyword strategy

Use available tools such as Google Keyword Planner to effectively optimize your keywords found in the content. Molding your content as per the needs of the users and the latest technology is a sure way that leads to the success of your site.



From the above discussion it is easy to note how these basic strategies can positively impact your SEO success. You should work on your weak areas and maximize on your strong ones too. As mentioned above, keep the user in mind as user experience is key to the success of your site.


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